When to schedule the exam


I have more or less finished going through the PMP material a couple of times (Rita & PMBOK). During this period, I have only practised questions in Rita's book. I have applied for the exam and have received my eligibility code (thankfully, no audit!). 

I only plan to practise questions and take mock exams now. I also want to read the PMBOK once. Many experts say that one must practise at least 2000 questions before taking the exam. How much time do you recon will I take to go through this plan? I am on leave from office for a month, so I have sufficient time to study. I have the option of scheduling the exam in 2 week of July (between 10-15) or last week of July (between 20-27). When should I schedule my exam? Request all vetrans - Mr Pawar, Mr Saket, Admin to please advice.

@CrushPMP - you have recently taken the exam, your advice is also welcome!


You atleast have to solve about 5000 QNS.

Hi Manoj how much time do you recon that will take?



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 Ensure you take mock tests from different sources, to get good flavor . When you go through the wrong answers try to find your gaps. 

Read Abhishek's version of Rajesh Nair notes, and other similar materials on PMZilla to ensure good coverage.