When is it wise to schedule a test date.

Hi Friends,

Must be a question which all of us go thru at a point in the PMP journey.

When shall we schedule a test date ?

Knowing that we all have works to do other than the PMP preparation like the project work and other. And that Prometric will charge us money if we reschedule the test date.It becomes kind of important to schedule the date wisely.

Option A is to finish "everything" and then when we feel fully prepared and confident THEN we can take a date. It becomes an easy option but generally delays the test date as we never think we are 100% and then may take 4-6 weeks more.

Option B is to study upto a point and when you have gained enough knowledge then take a date while keeping the remaining study time in mind. It ,kind of ,challenges us and the firm date keeps us on toes. Risk is that if we get something in between (office work or whatever) OR if your estimate is not good then it becomes a struggle.

Which one is preferable ??


I do have the same question in my mind. Not sure which is the best way to do. But I want to clear this out this time atleast. 


If you can understand the concept of every process (not remember) and    the process flow  I think  you are done with 50%. Concepts should be clear .Earned value, scheduling process, risk  process  etc.attempt questions from stnadard simulators like pmzilla, scordo, pmstudy .If you can score around 80 %  or above   in a test (standard one ) which you have never seen , in my opinion  you are ready for the show.The key is  answering as many  questions from different simulators ( remember exam is not too tough  or too easy)  and finding the logic behind the wrong answers .  Time management during the exam is extremely important.



You can tell for yourself if you are ready or not. IT is only you that can gauge where you are in terms of readiness. - Paul Savramis