When Hard Work Pays.... It Pays you Back Hard : PROJECT PMP ACCOMPLISHED


Dear  All ...


I’m overwhelmed with joy and sense of proud.. and Glad  to inform you all that I have cleared my PMP Exam Today 8:00 Slot from Banglore .Where i have failed last time very badly. Due to Work-Life pressure many times i felt like Quitting ... It was a long journey of 1 whole year and really became a pain at my back. But dont know some kind of Hope still drive me for the last attempt in the current PMI Exam eligibility period.. I really appreciate my Room mate Pradeesh's Patience and support as the room was filled with charts .. Scattered papers .. Books .. dozens of empty pen barrels whats not ...  No social life .. locking myself in a room.. No Fun ... continuously for around 3 months..It was really a very frustrating situation.


Failure De-motivated me to the core....But Moral support from my Mother and sisters helped me to get back to  track . .and My manager happen to be a Theory-Y manager .


Of course the PMZILLA lessons learnt is the best PATHFINDER..


Exam Preparations:


Books Used


1.PMBOK 4 (I really Donno How many times I read it  )

2.RITA 6th edition ( Around 5 Rounds of reading )

3.Headfirst ( 2 Times Good for EVM and Schedule Network)

4.Rajesh Nair Notes from PMZILLA

5.Personal notes on ITTO ( I have Memorized and understood 90% of them )


I have printed Rajesh-Nair notes on one side of a paper leaving the other side blank and made it as spiral binded book. While going through each chapter I will write my own points at the blank side making that book as the book nutshell of whole PMBOK. I started my study with Headfirst after completing the training from one of the institutes at banglore and went parallel with PMBOK and Rita




RITA : WELL versed with all knowledge area

Self Prepared Notes : Nothing above it  



What Exam Checks :


1. Knowledge of the PM concepts. 

2. Language - Analytical Skill 

3. Psychometric Analysis



About the Exam :-


Surprisingly the exam was quite easy for me or I’m not sure If I over studied.


The exam started with very wordy question which took more than one min to  analyze the question , as my allocation for a question was 1 min.As i go i realized that im running out of time . I decided to not to spend more than 1 min on any question. and I marked the questions which takes more than one min but i made sure i will mark the best guess answer ( Never leave any question unanswered ) . I have got around 10 questions on EVM.. Very less Network Diagram  and most of the questions were on the Procurement and Risk . You need to understand the why and where each TOOLs and tech used. I had around 4 direct questions on the ITTO . I have marked around 16 questions for review . which i had a wild guess  go…in the last 15 Mins.


Trust me the moment waiting for the result on the screen .. My heart was pumping 100 times more than the usual way .. I could hear the sound of my own heart-beat  . The screen went complete white and waited for 1 min and came back with bold letters CONGRATULATIONS .. I couldn’t believe it as I was struggling for this since last one year and now its mine .  I got 1 proficient and all other Moderately Proficient .


I would say my failure was A Blessing In Disguise , as it helped me to understand the subject better and Deeper.. Being a Just another guy like you if I can achieve you will also be able to do it .


The Only Mantra for success is : READ READ READ .


Remember : Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Last but not least Im thankful for Almighty’s Mercy for keeping me calm and composed for that critical continuous 4 hours.






Good for you, you must feel so relieved.  If you don't mind me asking you a quick question, I took the test on March 1 and failed first time - 3 MP's 2 BPs.  My eligibility period expires end of March, so I am trying to decide if I should cram and retest in 2.5 weeks (an unable to take it last week of March due to work constraints), or re-apply and give myself more time. 

  • Take now - $275 USD, if I fail again, no time to take 3rd time, would have to re-apply anyway, and then pay the $405 USD as well.  Also work in March is extremely busy with software testing, release upcoming.
  • Re-apply and take more time - $405 USD, have to re-apply (PMI says it should basically be cut/paste of original application), risk being audited, AND have to test before July 31 because I really do not want to have to take the new version of PMP exam.

Advantages to both, but I'm afraid if I try and cram to re-retake in 2.5 weeks, I won't have time to properly get the formulas down.  My weak spot turned out to be EVM even though I thought I had mastered it.

How long did you take between your failure and retest? and which option of two noted above, would you recommend?

Thank you and enjoy your victory! pt






Dear ireskier ,

   Regarding your registration and exam eligibility period .. Please go through the link that Admin have given .. As well keep in mind after June 30 the syllabus is going to change.. 

Also from your Results I understand that you are in verge of Pass Percentage .My case was pathetic with full BP ..  Try to some off days and dedicate only for studies ..and you will be able to Pass next attempt for sure ...

 All the Best.. And thank you for your Wishes ...



ok, figured it out, signed up to take again Sat, 23 Mar.  Have lots of studying to do.  Not sure why the EVM questions threw me so much, again doing them at home I have no problem, but need to find a site where I can pound away at these - the issue was having to back into all the values that were not proivded in order to set up the problem.  I guess under stress I couldn't pull it off.  Will next time. 

Thank you for your support and thoughts!

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Congratulations Sree , nice LL

ireskier - read this http://www.pmzilla.com/what-do-if-you-fail-pmp-exam-first-attempt


Thank you

Thank you - going to check it out now!

  Dear Friend,

        Congratulations on your PMP and Thanks for sharing your LL.



Thank you Viswanath .. Hope it will help you in your preperation



The passion of your wordings are really help ful to those who are waiting to write the exam including me.



Good to know .. I would be glad if it motivates you and results in clearing your PMP certification .


Enjoy the Success.

Thanks Pushpa  :)

 Wow!. Great LL!!. Your LL is a great source of encouragement to many, especially to those discouraged by failure. Big congratulations!!!. Persistence is the key.......

Congratulation very inspiring. I have one question how is Bangalore prometric center? What can i expect? what time do you reach over there as I am also planning to take the test from same test center

Thank you Kaushik .. And sorry for late reply .

Regarding Banglore Promatic center .:- I have attended the exam in two different location one in Jaya nagar for my first attempt of PMP and last on at Domlur . Seems like Jayanagar one is not functioning now . Any ways which ever place you go . You are expected to reach the test center atleast 30 mins before the exam schedule And make sure you keep the hard copy of the exam Admit mail sent by prometric .Also carry two proof one with photo and Signature ( DL or PAN card ) and the second one can be your Debit Credit card .

They will do a body check with metal scanner and even ask you to remove the shoes . ( Dont worry it tells you how credible is the exam ) .And u cannot carry any thing apart from one ID proof and the cupboard key where you keep your stuffs ) . if you need you will be provided with the Noice cancellation head set . You can take any number of breaks in b]w the exam . but every time you go out and come in you need to enter in the register and a quick body check will happ. They will keep the keep the drinking water outside the exam hall .

Hope i have ans your questions . Any thing more please reply . Also you can mail me at sreeku84@gmail.com




You said it Persistance is the Key .