When did you start Mock Exams?

I took formal PMP Training on 22 July. Once that was finished I began on 1 August to really hit the books and figure out how to study/approach this material. I study around 17-20 hours per week and so far have made one complete and thorough pass through Rita's newest edition (PMBOK5). Now, I am reading the PMBOK and Rita's simultaneously. I have taken 5-6 SCORDO Mocks, Rita's end of chapter exams, and some other KA-based quizzes.

Sometimes the results are good, sometimes not so much. I was wondering how people have begun to roll Mocks into studying. Its touch to dissect a KA and then test and then review errros ALL in one sitting. 

Did you study all the way through and then take Mocks and then revisit the weak areas?






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Shradha Singh

I think mock exams should not be attempted until you finish reading PMBOK. This is like testing a new plane before it's totally assembled. Formal training is useless if you didn't read PMBOK before, because their pace not necessarily suits you. Wish this helps.



People who passed the PMP get 20+ responses, I think I can get more than 1 response at least.

 I'd say after you read Rita, attempt the mocks once. I like how one way is to take the exams twice, once prior to your final notes are prepared without worrying about scores. Then later after your reading of pmbok and Rita is done. 

Hope this way helps for you. Someone described how they used this way at pmzilla.com/cracked-exam-17th-march-2013-advice-all


very nice. VERY similar to what I am doing now with the notebook but mine is going to be more like 100 pages.

When you plan to give ur test? Atleast 30 days in advance. Do not give mock test 5 days before exam. Review all questions not just wrong ones.  I gave 10 mock exams and it helped me a lot.


Good Luck