When become member of PMI


I already submitied my application for PMP. Before I didn't become a member.

I'm now in the phase of making an payement.

"You may now submit payment for your PMP credential."

Is it posibile to become a member now (pay for membership) wait a couple of days for procesing and pay after for PMP credential? Will the price be changed to 405$ or it will stay the same 555$?

In that case I'm paying for membership and exam 140$ more (129+21).

I couldn't find clear answer in PMI Handbook and PMI site.


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In order to give PMP exam , there is no need to become a PMI member. That is optional > if you see value in becoming PMI member you can go ahead.



I think You didn't understand my question/doubts.
There is possibility to overpay (129 for membership + 555 for exam) for the exam if I become member now. I just need clarification. If I become member now does it mean that exam will cost 405$?
I read all posts in the forum there is no such or similar answer or topic.


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I dont know the exact amount, but usually something equivalent would be the discount. Say $450 or so for PMI Members. You can contact PMI.org for clarification, usually they respond.



My suggestion is first pay $129.00 online and get the PMI membership.  Then login as member and look into your credentials where hopefully it shows a link to pay for the exam fee and will let you pay the exam fee of $405.00.  If not, send an e-mail to the customer service with your member ID and expalin that the system is not letting you pay the PMP exam fee entitled to members.  They may update your a/c

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Chandra and Admin thank You for suggestion. I already contacted PMI.org for clarification. Answer will be in the next 3 days. I will post here. I can not risk to become member now and later pay 555$ becouse my company is paying all fees.

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I got response from PMI:)

"Please note that if you remit payment for the membership before the exam your exam fee will be with a discount."

I already become member and payed exam fees 405$.


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