When to attend PMP training?

 Hello All,

I just decided to take up the PMP exam in September 2013, I took PMI membership and started reading PMBOK5.

I would like to know when to take training, I checked with SABCONS and they have a batch in June10-14th. Is

it worthwhile going for that training or should I study bit more and go. 

Thanks in advance for the responses.



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Hi Harsha

If you do pre-work then training will be more effective, however its not required, you can go blank into the training. I suggest reading headfirst if you are a new PM, it pictorially explains the topics, then you can pick up other books for more details.

I can't comment on SABCONS since i dont have experience with them.


 Thanks a lot for the response, I started the pre-work and am following only PMBOK5 as there is no other material available for the 5th edition.