When are the most expensive defects most likely to be introduced into a product?

When are the most expensive defects most likely to be introduced into a product?
A. When the product is being assembled
B. When the product is being designed
C. When the quality management plan is being written
D. When the product is being reviewed by the customers

As per me answer should be D..But the answer in Headfirst is mentioned as B.

Need help to understand.

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What is the explanation given for the same ?. Defects introduced at later stages in project life cycle are most expensive to fix.

But I think the key word here is "introduced"... when client is reviewing the defect will be discovered and not introduced. Hence B would be correct.

what is the explanation given. i think it should be A. In project life cycle cost is low in the beginning of the project and high at later stage.if project life cycle is plan, design and assemble then cost should be more during the assembling..
expert opinion required.

In the Initiating( being assembled), Planning(plan is written) and Closing ( reviewed by cust) if you observe the choices......

defects are most likely to be introduced when the product is being designed or executed....and are most expensive here.......

so in initiating and in planning we can thave most expensive defects i eman less likely nad in closing it doesnt make a good choice and would prove that we have not worked as project was planned.

As many said earlier the defect is introduced in the LC, expensive it is. Among the options given Design is the earliest stage.

Assemble happens at the end and if anything happened at that time, it just need to be re-assembled and not re-built.

All other stages/options are after design

The reason it is B is that the question asked about when the expensive defect INTRODUCED. If a defect is in the potential product from the very beginning, it is going to be increasingly expensive to resolve. D is related to when it is noticed by the customer. Totally different issue but helpful in that you learn you must pay attention to the way questions are phrased and what stage of a project you are in. Best of luck with your exam.

The key word in this question is "INTRODUCED" which tells you they are looking at what is the largest expense you would have prior to the product being produced. It is at the point of determining what the product would look like. The words in all questions tell you where you are and the tense tells you at what point in time.