Whats next after PMP


I cleared my PMP on 1st Feb 2012.

However I must admit, i got qualified to take exam because in my current work, I lead product mass production setup which is termed projects. Upon passing and studying PMBOK, I realized I am the person they consider Functional manager, so even if I handle project transfers its still not project manager's role. But oh well I got the certification anyway and I still have the basic general management skills.

My question is this: Is there a career out there for people like me who are functional managers in nature but got PMP to shift to actual project management and yet still get same pay and stability of work? Im actually good at what I do being the functional manager and would be nice to be given an opportunity to excel to Project Management because that's what's really what I intend to pursue.

Im just really curious if there are other people who are in same shoes as I am right now once in their life and got a break. Or Im dead end here? Just getting PDU is not my intention to retain my PMP because we can get it online from websites. I want the real deal of project management and Im wondering are there companies out there who could give us a break?

Just really wondering on other people's experiences...


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PMP certification has become a defacto ask from employers these days. Many times PMP certified person will get a preference over non certified candidates

There is good career path for Project managers and its lucrative too. That is why you would see so many people interested and doing PMP these days.

Now that you are PMP certified and know the basics and the right things to do, you can look for opportunities in your current job itself to take up more responsibilities. If that is not possible and if you are interested in delivery large projects then move on and find a job along those line.

The larger and more complex projects / programs you can deliver the better you are as PM and more highly paid you would be.  According to me there is a severe shortage of GOOD PM and it will continue since its not an easy job and people take it lightly.

Another option for you can be to go in Academia