What you do last for closing the project

It is confusing about the last step in closing the project.  Some say, close procurement (contract) is the last step.  Some say close the project.

Any thoughts...


Close procurement or close project/phase are broad process. So if you want to go to detailed activities involved in these process, the Rita's Process Chart will help you determine which smallest activities should be done in sequence.  Follow this link and download the chart free. http://www.pmptrend.com/index.php/en/component/dms/view_document/70-rita-s-process-chart-based-on-rita-s-pmp-exam-prep-7th-edition

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as i understand

Both processes (as subjected) come under the closing process group, hence both will be closed under closing project.

As per Rita's chart second step of closing project is a close procurement.

Means procurement is part of project /project closing.



Next termination will be done of 2nd party. so you are at closing project, not procurement.


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Let me clarify. The question itself is obvious to be full of cunfusion. He could be refering to "what is the last process in Closing Process Group" and it should not be refering to "step" if what he meant are - "what are the last "process" is it Close Procurement or Close Project/Phase process?

As per PMBOK, there are only two (2) processes involved under the Closing Process Group. Please refer to Table 3-1, page 43 of PMBOK ® Guide 4th Edition. These processes are the Close Procurement (Procurement in PMBOK means "contract" in universal term) and Close Project/Phase.

To clarify the issue, let us assume that the project is to normally close out successfully, so which process should be the last? Is it Close Procurement or Close Project/Phase? Now we know that both of these processes are included and undertaken in the closing process group.

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Thanks for your explanation.  Just to clarify, I want to understand the last step in the closing.  Rita book says "release the resources" as last step.