what would you dump

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 on given scratch paper in PMP exam?

What all are the things recommanded to ?

This would help lot of folks preparing for the test.

thanks a lot in advance. 






 Dear Friend,

    1. Pg-60 PMBOK Process chart

    2. All formuals related to Procurement and Cost.







What are the procurement formulas?   PTA..?

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thanks Viswanath..


request all others to give their views. This would definately help lot of folks.



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Hi, I don't think you need to dump everything you remember. A simple Process chart similar to P61 of PMBOK will be enough. Use abbreviations. Do not spend too much time on this. Please, no formulas. You might get too stressed if you do.

The exam centre staff might come and remind you that you need to start the exam right away (They don't understand why you are doing but you are safe).

Good luck. --- Adam Ding, Author of PMP GUARANTEED (amazon.com/dp/B00ECLK6R0)