What would you do?

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I have just read Rita once very quickly, not read PMBOK, not taken any mock exams. Full time working and can only commit 2 hours per day and 10 hours over the weekend.Exam scheduled 1 month from now.

Q. What would you do?

A. Read PMBOK, which is a must and then start taking the mock exams?

B. Forget PMBOK, Reread Rita and then start taking the mocks exams?

C. Stop reading, take as many mock exams and start bridging the gaps (kind of a bottom's up approach)?

D. Postpone the exam to 31st July 2013? (Today is the last day to postpone without penalty)

E. Just not possible with such a minimalistic preparation, replan and take the PMBOK 5th version exam in Dec 2013 (eligibility ends)?


 Definetly D ... Or C if you don't mind losing the test fee. 

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Going with C. Will keep taking questions and start bridging the gaps.