what will be the minimum interval between registering for exam in PMI and actual exam Dates


I will be completing my 35 hr course in next 2 days.

1) I would like to appear for exam in another 15 days but i have not yet registered for exam in PMI (although i am member of PMI).

Please let me know if time is a problem for me . if yes then suggest best option so that i can appear for exam asap. 

2) Headfirst exam result is 75% and i am expecting to reach the level of 80-85% in next 15 days (8-9 hrs per day)

please suggest if it is non-achivable target




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As mentioned in similar posts here, headfirst exam is not believed to be a good benchmark, some people have failed taking that as benchmark. You need to take practice tests from atleast 2 different sources before you give the final exam.

Can someone please let me know answer of part 1 of my question

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Hi samy001,

I don't know whether you fill the data sheet for the exam or not, As it will take at least a week for them to declare you for the PMP exam or if you are asked for an Audit then it will take abit longer then your schedule date.

1: Membership is something else. You need to fill the sheet in order to show PMI your 4500 PM Hours.

2: Two Weeks are more than enough if you study full time.

3: Please Please Please do not rely on Head First.

Kind regards,

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