What should I memorization?

I am scheduled to take the exam on January 14th and I am trying to prioritize which topics or lists to memorize. I have read PMBOK and Rita Mclcahey's 8th edition. Rita's book lists several things to memorize which I am currently working on. Rita's list includes the following items. 

  1. Earned Value Formulas
  2. Triangular and Beta Distribution Formulas
  3. Accuracy of Esitmates (Rough order of magnitude, budget, and definitive estimates)
  4. How pareto diagrams can be helpful
  5. How to calculate the number of communication channels
  6. The six sequential risk management processes

The general theme from Rita's book is that memorization isn't very useful sans the above listed topics. I recently spoke with a person who failed their exam. She urged me to memorize the tools and techniques for each process. What do you think? Are there other topics I should focus on memorizing? 

Memorizing is always my fallback study technique. I typically focus more on grasping concepts. However, it is frustrating that academia typically says 'don't memorize', instead, grasp the concept, then tests on the minutia... I'll save the rant for another time. 

Thank you for your thoughts. 

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Generally memorization without understanding is not advisable. However if you want to memorize some ITTO for faster resolution of questions or just to get confidence/ fallback you can try that.


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Obviously, the Admin is correct.  Memorization just for the sake of memorization is a bad idea.  And looking into a book (even Mulcahy's book) for what to memorize isn't a great idea either.

Long before you take the test, you need to memorize the 47 processes.  That's because as you read PMBOK or a complementary book (Mulcahy, Heldman, Crowe, Akhter) you will better understand how things interrelate, because you know the 47 processes as well as you know your own name.

Your studies will show you your weaknesses and that's how you build a brain dump.  My brain dump before the Prometric test consisted of the 47 processes, some formula notes, quality, and HR notes.  My brain dump was done before the test began during the Prometric practice session.

I do market my PMP 47 processes spreadsheet on my website.

Best Wishes on Passing the PMP Test,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA

ITTO memorization is impossible unless u have some supernatural powers... :) also the questions on the exam is not so direct to apply the ITTO.

I would suggest that you do the 47 as mentioned above... Memrize the formuals. I have heard that peope often get confused in the Close Project and Close Procurement so get this right. Don't underestimate the questions on Communcation and HR.

Also make sure you practice at least 3000-4000 questions in order to tune your brain to interpret the way PMI exects you to answer and of these give at least 4 full 200 questions 4 hour test.. It is generally observed that the score goes down when you do the full lenght test.

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