What do you think? :-)

 Hello, everyone. My is Ruslan, I’m from Russia. Well, my job is to manage SAP project, role PM. My SAP experience about 5 years, but all IT management experience more than 10 years.

Tell about PMP.  
First my attempt to take exam PMP was on 16 February 2013, and I failed it. I didn’t disappoint, I decided take exam in future, and started to prepare. I started to prepare take PMP exam on March 2013, and decided to take exam on July 2013. Well I had enough time to July 2013, and I was preparing hardly. Every day after work, I use 2 hours to read and note important things from books. And every weekend, I studied. I used PMBOK v.4, PMP Exam Prep of Rita v.7, PMP Exam Study Guide by Kim Heldman.
Well, after theory part (books), I started to take a knowledge area tests and simulators exam. Like “PMStudy.com”, “pm-exam-simulator.com” and “PM FASTrack v6”.

I took mock exam four times, and had result – 48,8% - 57,2% -  56% and 62%.

You say that is NOT ENOUGH.

And I agree with you!

BUT, my native language is Russian. Yep, I know English well, but sometimes I tried to understand question in PM exam simulator on English, my brain stoppedJ, because meaning of question confuse for Russian language.

After every mock exam, I analyzed my mistakes, and half on these were bad translation in my head.  

That’s why, I suppose take exam PMP with Russian aid. That’s why I supposed I do it more better result than 62%, you know.  By the way, I felt my knowledge well on PMP + my experience.


Yesterday (July 5 2013), I failed exam; just Executing was Moderate Proficient, other Below Proficient.

 In my mind, all questions were clear, because I used Russian aid, and it wasn’t difficult for me. But, what was happened? Why didn’t I get exam?  I don’t know.  

If might to know where I got mistakes, which question was wrong answered?!



Well, buddy, now you’ve known my history, what do you think?

How can I pass exam?  Which tactics of preparation will I use?

Sometimes, I think
oh maybe, Russian aid on exam not better, and near to real meaning of English question.

Thank you,

Best wish