what is the correct answer pls

 A project manager in an MNC corporation is in the process of collecting, organizing, and disseminating information on how project resources are being used to complete project objectives. In addition, he is collating information on cost, schedule, and level of quality. He is also going through the influence of risks on project objectives. The project manager is in which process?

  • Direct and Manage Project Execution
  • Report Performance
  • Earned Value Technique
  • Monitor and Control Project work

Should be 'Report Performance'.

~ Diba

 I was think the question says process and report performance is not in any process group tho you are right



 . A manager, managing collection of projects grouped together to facilitate effective management to meet strategic business objectives is called a?

  • Program Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Stakeholder

portfolio manager


It talks all about 'how project resources are being used to complete project objectives, so it seems like measuring the performance and measuring relates to control and control is part of  monitor & control i guess.

I may be wrong, but I need to understand my approach on looking this questions is correct.


CN Patil


The question talks about a 'Process' and not a 'Process Group'. M & C is a 'Process Group' and not a 'Process'.

~ Diba

I think I'm wrong  the above answer sent .. It should have been 'Report performance' process which is part of the Montioring & Controlling Process Group. Belongs to KA: Communication management

Regards, CN Patil

 Ya, "Report Performance"

and after Report Performance it should go to MCPW as input

 Report Performance is the process of collecting and distributing performance information, including status

reports, progress measurements, and forecasts. See Figures 10-13 and 10-14. The performance reporting
process involves the periodic collection and analysis of baseline versus actual data to understand and
communicate the project progress and performance as well as to forecast the project results.
Performance reports need to provide information at an appropriate level for each audience. The format may
range from a simple status report to more elaborate reports. A simple status report might show performance
information, such as percent complete, or status dashboards for each area (i.e., scope, schedule, cost, and
quality). More elaborate reports may include:
• Analysis of past performance,
• Current status of risks and issues,
• Work completed during the period,
• Work to be completed next,
• Summary of changes approved in the period, and
• Other relevant information which must be reviewed and discussed.

what does MCPW stand for?

This a direct question. Understanding of The PMBOK Guide will be helpful.
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