Wanting to discuss when OPAs are used as an input & when OPAs are updated as an output

Organizational Process Assets are an input to 38 of the of the 47 processes, and OPA Updates is an output to 13 processes. Can anyone speak to a rhyme or reason as to why this is the case?

Here are the nine processes in which in which OPA is not an input:

1. Collect Requirements (neither is EEF)
2. Validate Scope (neither is EEF)
3. Perform Quality Assurance (neither is EEF)
4. Develop Project Team (neither is EEF)
5. Plan Risk Responses (neither is EEF)
6. Control Risks (neither is EEF)
7. Control Procurements (neither is EEF)
8. Close Procurements (neither is EEF)
9. Control Stakeholder Engagement (neither is EEF)

++ OPA updates are an output to 13 processes

** Execute
Perform Quality Assurance
Manage Communications
Manage Stakeholder Engagement

** Monitor and Control
Control Scope
Control Schedule
Control Costs
Control Quality
Control Communications
Control Risks
Control Procurements
Control Stakeholder Engagement

** Closing (both closing)
Close Project/Phase
Close Procurements

Thank you

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