Verify Scope Question

 A project manager receives a deliverable from one of the team members to provide to the customer. While looking at the deliverable, the project manager notes that the document is smaller than what he expected and does not contain what he thought it should. The project manager should FIRST:

A. Discuss it with team member

B. Contact the team members' manager to get the person additional training

C. Audit the development process

D. Complete the verify scope process.

Please justify your answer. 



In any case discussion with T M will be  the 1st action.

SS pawar has given the right answer ...first inputs from the team members is required to know the complete situation and then PM would initiate any corrective action if required

 Even I thought the same, but the answer given was D.

Obtained from PMfasttrack question bank

 The ansswer should be A. 


can you check with rita's team they will surely answer the detailed explanation as to why they gave that answer ..i think their email id is given in Rita's book


can you write here that q ID number

what is REETA's explanation.


The correct answer is D.

Such a review compares the deliverable to the requirements. The project manager might have misunderstood and it would be best to check before talking to the team member.  

Source: PMP® Exam Prep 
Page: 167


above is Rita's explanation, but in my view, for verifying the deliverables he or she must have to discuss to team member , He or She cant verfy himself or herself withot consulting the report and concerned person.

Answer D is correct. Porject manager can verify the scope the deliverables by doing that review before even reach the team member. If he misunderstood, he does not need to verify with Team member.

if his understanding is wrong and If he directly verifies with team member, it might demotivate the team member eventhough he did it correct.