Validity period of PMBOK 4th edition

Till what time the PMP exam would be based on PMBOK 4th edition after the 5th edition is there?  5th edition is expected to be there in Dec 2012.  This would be important for the people who are preparing right now based on 4th edition.

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PMI has said that PMBOK v 5 will sometime be released in January 2013. As per the old PMI pattern, they give minimum 6 months of time to implement questions in the PMP exam with change pattern. That means if PMBOK v 5 is released in January-2013, PMP exam based on PMBOK v5 will not start before August 2013.

People who wish to take PMP exam by/before August 2013, you are good with the current version of PMBOK i.e. v4.

Thank you for the details.

I have been hearing recently that the new PMP exam based on PMBOK-5 will start from 31st July 2013.

Saket, PMP