Using a Network to Visualize the Interrelation, Sequence, and Hierarchy of the 22 Processes in the Initiating & Planning Groups

 Hi everybody,

As part of my preparation for the PMP exam, I built a chart that might be of interest to others.

The chart consists of a network showing the 22 processes  in the Initiating and Planning Groups. The network allows one to visualize in an integrated manner and at a single glance the interrelation amongst these processes. It also clarifies the natural process sequence and the relative importance of each process with respect to the others.

The chart was very helpful for me and I share it gladly hoping that some of you might find it useful as well. You can take a look at the pdf file in the following link:

I am planning to extend the chart to the rest of the process groups as I continue my preparation. Your comments and precisions are more than welcome. Thanks a lot.



PS. I have updated the chart by adding information about key inputs and outputs. Here is the link.

This version is a little more crowded than the previous one since it contains more information. Please use the version that accomodates you best. Thanks for your interest. (I am still working on extending the chart to the rest of the process groups). Greetings.


Excellent one, please build the same for other process groups as well.

Very well-documented sheet. It would be great to have the same for other processes too. Thank You so much Pal. Thanks, KK!!!