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Hi All,

I was going through some of paid tests and found that few questions are directly based on definition of certain artifacts ..i.e."Procurement documents is one of the outputs of Plan Procurements process, and is used to solicit proposals from prospective sellers. "

Now if you dont know word "solicit proposals " correspond to "Procurement documents" then you cannot ansswer this question....

just curious to know if such "word to word" questions appear in actual exam also?



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Well, My experence is that almost 70 to 80% or above questions are situational.

Even, If the question may refer to a definition, It would be asked in the situational manner.

There are some direct definition given and you have to select the correspondence term and that's why people refer to the PMBOK guide and you may know what the term means or functional but you may not know the PMBOk definition.

I therefore strongly advocate that everone should go through The PMBOK4 Gloassary at least a few times as according to some experts are the 20% of the exam.


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Dear Samy,

I have faced PMP exam twice (one in PMBOK-3 and the other in PMBOK-4) and got good idea on Exam pattern. The following are the key facts of my exams.


1. Direct and easy 40 questions (appx) in these ITTO questions are there. Apart from these no same questions have come from paid tests or free tests. I did too many...


2. Sometimes I felt that it is an English Language Test (in some questions).


3. I didn't get too many Formula/Calculation based questions (bad luck ).


4. Yes you can find twisted questions.


5. I got Appx 25 Tough Questions sequentially from 124th question onwards. My GOD; I felt my Hard work gone in vain and was thinking of retaking the exam for third time. At that time I had recollected Mr. Cornelius Fichtner’s words.


6. Don't feel annoyed and keep on continuing by marking for review after selecting a nearby answer or take a break and go outside and have some food and come back.


I did a mistake in my first test by not concentrating on ITTOs. But you should be well versed with ITTOs. If anyone asks 'So and So' is from where? You should able to tell instantly. Then your pass is guaranteed somewhat.


Above are my personal experiences. Please share yours.



Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, PMP