Two weeks to go..What now?

Hi. I have a relatively broad question about study tips for the last two weeks before I take my test on Nov 15. An overview of how/what I've been studying with since August 7th:

1. PMBOK (as reference because I simply cannot read it verbatim as hard as I try, my brain just shuts off!).

2. Rita's PMP exam prep book (using this a LOT as much as I hate the tone of the book)

3. Pm prepcast (completed with it)

4. CBT nuggets PMP(not too often but occasionally when mobile)

5. PM Fastrack (Rita)

6. Mind mapping software and hand-drawn Visio diagrams to make information more sticky (especially network diagrams/critical path stuff/etc).

7. Lots of index cards covered with notes and formulae.

In the last three weeks I've been reading less and doing as many practice tests as I can. I've probably taken the PMP exam prep test at least 4 times. I take *copious* notes during these tests to glean new information (I'm not sure how efficient this actually is though)... I switch up tests so I am not just taking the same questions which I have likely just memorized.

Right now if I were to guess I'd be scoring, overall (including all sorts of tests, Oliver's, Rita, Headfirst, etc) in the upper 60's.

Anyhow, there isn't any one area that I'm particularly weak on except perhaps understanding inputs/outputs (this one is really hard for me to remember!). Obviously as a result I'm focusing a lot more on understanding/remembering the ordering.

I am feeling a little unsure what to study at this point and so I'm wondering what the rest of you think. More tests, am I on track? Should I grit my teeth and try to make it through the PMBOK at this late period? Should I do flash cards? Should I re-read Rita's book from the start? Should I focus on memorizing formulae? A combination?

What I have been seeking that I simply have not been able to find are actual, functioning real-world examples of all of this material being appropriately used in a professional environment. Does anyone know where I could get this and see this in action (or at least the documents?). I feel I could understand and remember this stuff better if some of the concepts were less nebulous and I could see them being used in the real world.


With this much study you should be getting above 70% consistently. Looks like you dont have real life project management experience. You try to find your gaps and claify it. Wait till you get 70%.

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Focus on Rita and PMBoK and try to get over 70% in the tests. You have good preparation, you should be hitting 65% now in your practice test



Hey you just need to concentrate, your hardwork would surely not be overlooked...streamlight flashlights

Well, two weeks is a really short time. Come to think of it, it wouldn't be too much long of a time. - Marla Ahlgrimm