Trying for my 2nd attempt

Hello All,


 I already failed once in my PMP Exam but didn’t lose my confidence and preparation. Hopefully, l have filled my gaps and gone through Rita and PMBOK cover to cover for twice again.

I want go for realistic mock exams to practice more and I don’t mind to go for paid one. I already purchased PMZILL questions. My humble submission is kindly please recommended me a good mock exams question links and purchasing gateways.



Thanks Jerry. I start doing the same.

Don't worry. You will have better luck next time. You should start with determining what happened the first time. You should find out the root cause. This post will help you in finding the root cause - 15 Reasons Why People Failed the PMP Exam

Next, work on your weak areas and make a preparation strategy.

If you think mock tests were the pain area, the you can look at these articles. You will find information to invest in a good mock test.

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All the best.

I am getting 60-70 % in my mock exams. I am planning to read PMBOK again one more time. Any suggestions ?

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i would recommend NOT ONLY doing as much sample questions as you can, cause practice is the key!

Furthermore you should try to really SIMULATE the exam. It is not an easy job to do 200 (more or less difficult) Questions in a time frame of 4 Hours.
Those 4 Hours could get really long and/or you could run out of time in case you will hang on to long to one very difficult/complex question for instance.
So, you should train your time management for the exam also.

You can do so with those tons of free sample question available on the internet, but in my experience, a professional tool which provides you exactly the exam circumstances, is much better for this.
Yes, it may take a little invest, but from my point of view and my experience this is priceless.

I would like to recommend you the exam simulator by Cornelius Fichtner, which provides you ✪ 1.800 high quality PMP questions and which gives you ✪ high flexibility in how to train your questions up to max. ✪ 9 fully loaded and timed exam simulations, each with ✪ 200 individual questions.
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