Try using the online content on IPhone apps for reviewing your knkwledge Areas



Hi All,


Just wanted to share my study plan , feeling relaxed post passing the PMP exam in the 1st go yes,day. 


Had a 30 day plan as below


1. Referred PMBOK once for all knowledge areas (2 days for each knowledge area)

2. Attempted to ESI Intl PMI(material I got after attending 3 day PMP exam prep course in July 2011) 40 questions    For each knowledge area.

3. Used the following IPhone app'z extensively , PMP Lite (excellent as all ITTO are there for ready reference), PM Icoach lite,PMP Prep. These apps and you tube videos on certain topics like Sir Gantlott for Earned value ( 3 part series of 15 Mts each) and other similar topics when I got time. Thanks to all those who posted these videos and other content on you tube and Steve jobs for creating such master piece the IPhone!!!!


4. Studied 2-3 Hrs each day for 25 days and last 2 days before exam put like 8 hrs a day and took 1 200 question test


5. To be honest I felt the exam q's I felt less confusing than the test I took and dont get disheartened if u get less (65-70%) in practice tests , just be confident when you are at a  point that you have covered 100% of Knwldge areas and then   solve the questions on day of exam. dont waste to much time on lengthy calculations in 1st go and mark it for 2nd review.


At the end , depends on what q's are asked n how u interpret at that moment.. So go on and all the best for all the PMP exam takers...