Today 10/16/09 was the day.

Passed the PMP exam this afternoon. It has been a long journey since mid May of this year 2009.
I thank God and then my family here (wife / two year old son). There was a great support and encouragement from wife for sure.
I am a silent member of pmzilla forum and this forum has been of a great help / inspirations
and support for my preparation, especially the lessons learned postings. Many many thanks to you all.

Started with Cornelius's prepcast to earn my 35 Contact Hours Certificate during the May. Completed with PMI application submission process and got everything done by mid June. Purchased following additional materials by mid July.

  1.) "The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try"  by Andy Crowe
  2.) PMBOK Guide fourth edition
  3.) "PMP Exam Prep, Sixth Edition" by  Rita Mulcahy

Though Andy Crowe's book and Cornelius's prepcast provided to me enough inputs on most of the knowledge areas / processes, I still found the PMBOK dry and tough in 1st run of my reading. In fact, I gave up the PMBOK couple of times and took Rita's book. Completed two rounds of study on Rita's book along with the chapter end tests.
Plan was to take exam on 09/09/09. But, did not feel comfortable with my preparation and rescheduled exam. There after, completed PMBOK two times and took following full length / single sitting tests, while purchased "4 PMP Simulated Practice Tests for $ 50" free test -- 73%
  headfirstlabs free exam -- 84%
  Test 2 from "4 Simulated Tests" (pmstudy) -- 68%
  Test 3 from "4 Simulated Tests" (pmstudy) -- 70%
  Andy Crowe's book end final exam -- 87%

I had scored in lower 60% when took oliverlehmann's 75 and 175 questions (1st 100)

During the exam at prometric on 10/16, I found 50% of the questions conceptual and not too much of tricky (ITTOS related). Rest all were descriptive, situational and bit complex.
I believe that mine would have gone good at those conceptual and ITTO related questions. During my preparations though I did not memorize all ITTO, was very familiar with 60 to 70% of those due to repeated reading. Did not get questions related to the Quality theories, motivation theories, communications types, types of power which we normally see in the sample/ practice tests. More were from the Risk, Quality and Schedule /Scope.

In short, if you have digested the PMBOK well, you are in.

Hope that my experiences in this journey will provide some inputs to PMP aspirants in their preparation for the exam.

good luck !

- Suresh Das, PMP

Congratulations, Suresh!

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Congratulations Suresh on this achievement. Thanks for sharing your LL with this group.