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Hello Guys..

I need some suggetion..As I am preparing for PMP and if i talk about study going ok nowadays..Studing Head First and PMBOK 2nd time(Read Rita once).Getting the concepts ok and easy to understand now.

I am taking the 35 hohurs contact hours in first week of May.One thing which is bothering me is that I have not taken much tests..Tests which I have taken till now scrore 65-70%.

How much time should i take to enroll for the exam after the class?And how should i go about it?

I am targetting to complete both PMBOK and Headfisrt once again till the class..SHould I go for only questions or Mocks after that?

I am really confused and scarred..I dont want to give the exam wice:-(

Should pass in first attempt only..

Thanks for the help..Appreciate the suggetions..


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Hi Nisha

IMHO, a minimum of 2 months is a good time to prepare well for the PMP exam. It might depend on the type of work load or other activities you have going on. To be on a safe side, I would say 3 months is a perfect window. You can read about my own personal experience + lessons learned and some tips on how to pass the PMP Exam on the first attempt

I can help you design a study plan that suits your need and requirements based on your current schedule. I recently helped one PMP candidate who had failed her exam on the first attempt and then we simply re-defined the plan for her. She only had about 3 weeks before her 2nd attempt. Based on the plan she felt pretty confident going into the exam for the second time. And finally, she passed the exam. So if you need any help, feel free to write me at info@thewisdompearls.com 



The Wisdom Pearls

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Dont get panic, its fine what have you done.

I suggest you to take 20-25 days for the Exam date after your 35 PDU's.

Have you applied your application ? Firstly apply your 35 PDU's if u held up in audit than you need to go for more days. Hope you get accepted your Documents in one go.

You just need Max of 1 month for scheduling the Exam.

Last 2 weeks should be your Mock Test & analysing them why you went wrong, prepare a sheet for that it will help you a lot.

Just Once after completion skim through your PMBOK & your notes if prepared.

Focus on RISK, Change management, Cost numericals,Quality,Communication (Tough one), HR (Tuckman ladder questions).

Secret mantra is to be calm & cool. 

It will check your menatlly & physically.

This my personal experience. 

Dont get many question in mind. Just focus on Prepration.

After Completion submit your 35 hr PDU's soon.

Pay for the exam, within 4-5 days you will know you are in audit or no.

Than Schedule the exam date & freez give yourself date, than your deadline will start till than be noraml as read now.

Take exam dates as soon as possible, becoz their will be GRE guys so take date ASAP.

Just Follow here & some will share their Exp/ Exam Pattern.

You neeed to focus on it. Anyways what i said is still d same pattern.

Be realx you will get in one go.


Md Javeed,PMP

I will explain where I am in preparation.

First as you know my work profile I am mechanical Engineer by profession(2005-2009)
working for a Design technical centre in program management not highly
overloaded with work on daily basis(Sometimes yes I do)..

I am preparing for PMP exam and has thought about it long back but had
just thought so was going through books and was just going but then
realized this is not going to help..I need to set a target and then I
started studying seriously from last 1-1.5 month(Finished PMBOK-5
once,Rita -twice,Head first-twice) and was giving test fro like 30-40
questions was scoring ok about 67-70%.

I gave a full mock for Head first 3 weeks ago and scored 70% which was
less then wat i expected.Now a friend has suggested to read Andy crow
to get some other help too.

I have started to study Andy and will finish it twice by 17-May.My
contact hours contact hours class is 23rd,24th may and following
week.Planning to go through a skim of PMBOK 5 while taking the
class.from 17th may to 23rd May only MOCKS and then 1-June to 30-June
5 mocks(PMstudy and PMZILLA) and then as my exam is on 21-July..will
revise the content.I am taking leave for two weeks.

Here the issue is that Now when I am giving questions after every
chapter of Andy I am scoring bad(16/25-Integration), 15/25(Scope
management)..I am nervous and not able to study..Feeling like if after
studing so much I am scoring this low..how will i be able to manage:-(

Please suggest something:-(((



Hi Nisha,

I have been asked by several folks, “How do you prepare for an exam?” I will let you in on a secret.  I get a little nervous when I am about to take a long test.  A four hour exam is not my cup of tea. I have a little ADD (attention deficit disorder) and I am not a fast reader. However, I have now managed to pass a few PMI exams and a 5 hour AACE exam. A big part of my methodology is having success with the management of anxiety levels.....[Read More]

Do more Mock exam

When you have a wrong answer, DIG, each wrong answer, DIG !!!  and ensure you understand 100% why you dit a mistake..


You will enhanced your score with this techniques.