Time for doing the brain dump on the paper in the beginning of the exam


I understand that it is always better to write down all the formulae,etc in the paper provided before start of the exam. I would like to know if we need to do this in the 15mins of the tutorial time or can I first complete my brain dump and then start my tutorial? Pls advise if this is possible. I have my exam in the next 2 days. 

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Once you keep your things out and enter the exam hall you should be allowed to do it anytime you want.

 Thanks. So does this mean, Once I get it, will I have my own time to write down whatever I want before I start the tutorial?

And is the 15 mins of the tutorial included in the 4hrs of exams or is it 15mins +4hrs (for exam alone)?


I am yet to take the exam myself. However I wish to share the foll with you.

So here's what you need to do: get really good at making a poster that illustrates many central concepts of the PMI® project management methodology.  Then, at the very beginning of your PMP® exam, write out the whole poster (that's the Brain Dump), and then you can refer to it for the remainder of the exam.

In fact, you can spend 15 minutes before the exam begins to write out the brain dump, and then you'll still have four hours to do the test.  That's because there is a dialog that explains how to use a mouse, and how to click things that comes before the test.  You can start this dialog, and then spend the next 15 minutes dumping your brain, since I bet you already know how to use a mouse.

It's posted at the URL http://2000clicks.com/graeme/PMIPmpBrain00.htm.

Good Luck in your exams.