Thank you .. 4 P, 1 MP

Hi all

I did clear my PMP on 21st with above proficiencies ( aim was 5 Ps ). My lessons learnt are no different than most of us here:

About 2 months of prep, Rita and PMBOK twice, notes from PM zilla, self made notes ( most of them ,questions that I got wrong ) and many question banks, mostly free, only one paid , from PM Zilla :-)..absolutely worth the money, it did force me to re read stuff. 

2 lessons learnt I would share is -

1) answer what you feel is right basis your knowledge, specially for choices where you have eliminated the 2 obvious ones and are left with the 2 choices where both "sound" right....have faith, choose basis your knowledge, this Rita process chart, think what is required in that process (ITTO) and you will get it right.

2) while doing practise questions, get in the habit of looking at the answers when all the questions are done, in exam, if you dont have this practised, it is killing to answer something that you are not sure of and then not knowing what the answer is by turning the page/scrolling down...the mere thought of being unsure , does make one again practise and have faith in your preparations

Thank you PM Zilla for putting up the platform..... it was very helpful.





Many congratulations to you Shishir!!! 

Its time to celebrate now......

Could you please also share in details the exam preparation test that you have given.

Would be really helpful to us. 


Hi Sjobs

The prep exams I took were :

1. Scordo , from the PMI ebooks ( did chapter 13-18 twice)


3. PMZilla tough questions ( twice)


5. ( did several short and 4 full length)


7. Ofcourse...  Rita's questions at the end of chapter 

There are many other threads, which give link to several sites with question banks, Oliver's site has it too.


all the best




Congratulations Shishir....thank you for sharing the LL's

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Congratulations and Thank you very much for endoring PMZilla Paid Questions.