Test Prep Questions and their closeness to the real PMP

Hi all,

I have been preparing for the PMP for the last 2 weeks and have an exam scheduled for Oct 27th. As advised by a friend, I have only been using Andy Crowe's 4th edition to prepare and havent followed any other book so far. One thing that I have noticed is that as I move along in the processes, the sheer number of them seems to be getting overwhelming to remember inputs, tools and outputs for each one of them. Also, when I tried some sample questions from Rita's 6th edition just to see where I stand, I was totally confused to see such convoluted questions. I seem to have failed miserably (just 50% success) in just one chapter of Rita's questions.

For those of you who took the test recently, it would be a great help to let us know as to which book has the questions that resemble on the real exam. I find the questions in Andy's book moderate but Rita's book to be having the harder ones. Can someone please help me in clarifying this ?

Also, is it important to know the actual inputs/tools and outputs of each process by heart ?

Many thanks in advance.



Dude.. i just failed in pmp exam.. i had used every Rita sources.. Book, audio and fastrack soft... 

following some tips from PMZILLA i check some mistakes..

Now i wanna read Pmbok 3x and Rita 2x... and use questions from many sources that i saw here in Pmzilla.

try to use pmbok and another book.. can be Andy.. but you must use pmbok.. pmstudy and oliven are good ones to use.. 

see ya. 

Very sorry to hear that dude. As soon as I answered Rita's questions I had a sinking feeling and was thinking to myself if I should reschedule my date.

I know it must be hard to recollect an exam where  you didnt do well but whenever you feel better, could you please answer one question

Compared to Rita's questions, how were the actual questions - on Par or more difficult ? or More confusing ?

Thanks again and wish you all the best for your retake.


In my analisy my big mistake was in just use Rita source... 

the questions from Rita was totally different from Exam, but was good questions.. But like many sources that you will find, there are many good questions in different ways and methods. The questions are situacionals.. In pmzilla forum you can find many posts about questions and materials that the pmp´s had used.. just check it.

if you can, plan to read pmbok 2x and your actual book.. for question use pmstudy free exam and oliver 175 and 75 question... before the questions, read pmbok and andy book.. you need understand everything before do the simulators.

take a look in this post http://www.pmzilla.com/passed-pmp-2

see ya. 

Thanks again. I will try to follow the directions in that post.

 I just passed and my main study materials were Andy Crowe and the PMBOK Guide. 


I threw in Rita Fasttrack and PMstudy for practice testing scenarios.


I suggest reading both books quickly the first time and then Chapter by Chapter with intense focus (outline them on paper as you go). For example, I would spend several hours on the Integration chapter with Andy Crowe and then I would read through the same chapter of PMBOK with a highlighter, cross referencing my notes from Andy Crowe.


ITTO memorization is not necessary (I didn't), but you will find that after hours and hours of study, they start to fit together in ways that you previously did not understand.


After you been through the books at least twice, you will want to introduce PMstudy to your preperation. They are very close in difficulty and format to the actual test. Do not despair if you are not scoring 80% on them. I was 65%-70% on all four and still passed with (4) MPs and (1) P.