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 The Test centre of Chennai is not  shown during selection of appointment on prometric,it shows nearest as Hyderabad. Any Idea why chennai is not showing up?

 i am facing same issue. Chennai centre not showing up . Pls help

perhaps no vacant centres for coming 3 months, all may be full, or information not updated from chennai centres to main prometric/pmi.

you may ask to chennai chapter of pmi-----

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Scheduled exam for 29th and got a SMS yesterday saying 'due to technical difficulties, scheduled exam has been cancelled and contact for reschedule'.  When looked up online for availability, both Chennai and bangalore not showing up....   They are available only Mon-Fri for queries and waiting to reach them tomorrow.

 It seems there is a  issue

Last week there were enough slots for the appointment

Today only  for Hyderabad the slots are availabble and also they have cancelled the previous appointments !!!!!!

Need to plan  well for the appointments and watch the emails before the exam as they may cancel the appointment.

Seems some problem with test centers, actually i scheduled my exam for 14th Jan (Mumbai) and yesterday i got an e-mail from prometric stating that Test center closed for administrative review. They will reschedule my exam and let me know.

I contacted Mumbai test center and they mentioned the exams got canceled due to technical problems. I also wanted to schedule the exam but can only see Hyderabad as the option. Will have to wait and watch. 

Seems like they have some technical issue running . Got the Message on Saturday. And they are not working on week ends . Not able to see any other location apart from Hyd . Hope they will have a work around . 

 Need to wait untill Monday for the update .

Prometric Test Centers all over India have some technical issue due to which no one is able to get appointments in India except for Hyderabad and Noida center. Thats the answer I've got from them when I called up today. My scheduled date was 11th Feb but it has been canceled. They have asked me to wait for a week time before they will give a call and then it can be rescheduled. Frustrating!!! but what can be done?
Anyone have similar experience? having any more details?

I called up PMI as blore test center no one is picking the call . Spoke to maria , as per her all the tests going to conduct till feb got cancelled for Blore chennai test centers (  I didnt ask for other centers ) and the people who got the message of cancelling the Exam will get an update when you can apply with in three working days .


I Scheduled the exam for 22nd Jan, but got the SMS saturday evening that the exam has been cancelled.Called Mumbai center and they asked me to call to Gurgaon Head Offce. Trying the number 0124-4147700 since morning but it is always busy.

Any idea what we need to reshedule the exam?


This is crazy .  Now is PROMETRIC who will decided when we will give exam !!! and that too the wont disclose when exactly they will schedule our exam,   so till that time, one has to live constant pressure and fear to prepare and burn out !!!!!

Mine was JAN 21ST and got cancelled, Gurgaon office, as usual not picking up, number busy


guys...any updates please post !!!

I just got a SMS again from PROMETRIC saying that


I should disregard earlier message and that there is no change in exam date. It will be taking place exactly on the day it was scheduled !!!


How can they do this to us?

I also got the same message , but today when i saw confirmation letter on the site, it showing appointment date as 30-jun-2013 and center as delhi.. What about you ? Did you check the confirmation letter on the site?

just got a SMS with text that  pls diregard the previous text message ,there is no change in you original test appointment . so seems i can give the test as planned.

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 Yes.. me too recieved it just now.





 my exam was supposed to be tomorrow morning and i got a cancellation email and call day before yeaterday. I nave not received any email or sms confirming that  exam will take place tomorrow. How can i know?please help

plesae call me and we can discuss

I checked the prometric site and they have updated the sitestatus page



Mine also is cancelled which was scheduled on 18th.




Hi .

Can you check your confirmation letter on the pometric site. Is it showing the correct details?


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Hi Folks ,

I have called up PMI . Yday  spoke to Maria . and she informed me that all the exams scheduled till 25 Jan is been cancelled . and with in 3-4 days Promatrec will come up with the new date . I have gconfirmed that info as a email from Maria .

Please post your updates as well




I got a SMS on 14th jan that there are no changes in my exam schedule .

Really confused now. !


 I want to schedule my exam for Feb 1st week. But Chennai center is not listed, only Hyderabad is listed. I can't travel to HYD to take the test. My eligibility expires on Feb 11th. Is it possible to get a refund? I have paid for the exam and this will be my second attempt.

I would rather reapply and write with peace of mind instead of going through these unknown factors




i called up Prometric and they said clearly only hyderabad center and gurgaon center is open for exams if we have to write it write away.

All other centers are having major technical issue and hence will not be availble to scheudle exams . we have to wait till ater jan 25th and call them to find out if the techncal issue is resolved or not and then fix a date .

this is too much of a heacache and i am ery worried./ best thing to do is wait and utilise the time till 25th. lets not panic any more than we already have.

I called up prometric today and was asked to call again by Feb 4th or 5th to get appointment.  I was also informed that a new center is being setup instead of the one which we booked and we can check the availability via website by Feb 1st week.



thanks Praveen for the update !

seems it will take a while before we can give the exam  :-( .. very frustrating !


Till today no sign of test center availability except for hyderabad. Any update from anyone on when it will be available?


It seems chennai center is not availble to take up the scheduled exam. In the meanwhile, exam eligibility date is getting expired.

Will they extend the exam eligibility period in case of non-availability of center before eligibility date?

Advise please!

Sometime back now, I could reschedule my test appointment to bangalore which was down previously ..Seems they have now setup new test centers.

 Gurgaon - (Haryana) 
Phone: 91 124 414 7700

still i could not find test center neither bangalore nor chennai.  

I spoke to Prometric today and they said they are expecting bangalore center to be working on around feb15th.But they were not sure still.

I spoke to Prometric today and they said they are expecting bangalore center to be working on around feb15th.But they were not sure still.

 Bangalore centre is not showing up on prometric site, however I called prometric and I have rescheduled it to Bangalore for 19th Feb. Probably you could call and get the exam scheduled .




I spoke with Prometric and they said you should get call for rescheduling in couple of days.

Got call yesterday from Gurgaon yesterday and they scheduled my exam for Mumbai Center for 27th Feb


I called prometric just now to schedule and was informed trivandrum centre will not be ready till this end of month and asked to attend either at the 3 centers which are up now. I even asked whether i can schedule exam for chennai or bangalore through call and was told to call next monday.  I am confused now :( . Seems Vani is lucky to get appointment.

thry told me you can reschedule but cant make a new booking unless prometric is up....will have to wait for week or two...its really frustrating.



i know it would be really frustrating moments for all those cancelled appointments. I'm also one such victim scheduled to take the test on Jan16th, still waiting for the opportunity to schedule my appointment. Spoke to chennai PMI chapter. This is what i heard - 6 location centers have been de barred by PMI as few malpractices were followed.Hence PMI in conjunction with prometric are finding new test centres for these locations. Latest i hear that bangalore, ahmedabad and trivandrum are available for writing the exam, however cannot find in prometric website.For chennai, mumbai looks like in another 10 days, they will open up for exam...

Fingers crossed....."Patience" is the only key for our souls. Its really testing time for our patience...


Hi all,

Just now checked prometric site and looks like Mumbai and B'lore centres are up for scheduling. Wanna share this good news to all and will hopefully wait for chennai to show up next week some time...

thanks mahesh. I was able get appointment for trivandrum center


Appointment for Chennai location is available now. NEw prometric center.

CHENNAI 600032

All the very best to new PMP generations :)