teamwork in an organization

Nowadays, teamwork is a critical way to do a project. Many people work togeter, communicate with each , exchange ideas and so on. I have some questions about the teamwork. It is a short survey on that. Could any worker/practitioners answer these 3 questions? just write about few sentences of what you think. PLEASE.!! I will need these answers to write a report!! I will APPRECIATE that!!

 DO Donation your time:

1. Does the environment of workplace affect teamwork? (e.g. good layout of office, free wifi, enough accessible meeting space)

2. A good environment of workplace could be an external aspect to build good teamwork, what other internal techniques could build good teamwork? (e.g. leadership style, commnunication skills)

3. From your own experiences,  dose the teamwork give you a better performance? why/ why not?



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Yes - we have good setup which positively impacts team work.
2. Our leaders generally take us out for activities which help in team building.
3. Absolutely. Teamwork multiplies the output manifold. 

Hello Yang,
Yes i agree with Admin completely. At the start of any project, every single member on the team works towards just one thing, i.e., the success of the project. Every procedure, the response to any complication, the attitude towards work and the inter-relations between the team members, are all calibrated to the success of the project. There are constant and continual efforts to increase the probability of success and the productivity quotient of the team is directly proportional to the same.