Team building activities

What is the best time to engage in team building activities?

A In the beginning of the project

B At the end of the project

C Throughout the project

D Some in the beginning and some in the end

Since the question asks for 'BEST' time, I think it is A, but the correct answer given is C.

From PMBoK: 'While team building is essential during initial stages of a project, it is a never-ending process'.

This means the BEST time is initial stages, but it should be done all through the project.



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Think practically in such questions. Team building is to be done throughout the project. While during early stages individuals may spend more time getting to know each other, new team members will continue to join / leave. So it really can become continous process. 

If the question was "When would you spend most time and effort in team building?" the answer could have been in the initial stages of the project. 

You need to have team building all throughout the project. It keeps staff fresh and get them "aligned" always. - Paul Savramis