Taking PMP Test on Aug 29


I am taking the PMP test on 29 Aug 2012. With job, family and kid, I was really pressed for time for PMP preparation. So, I took a month sabbatical from work and have been preparing for the exam. I've underwent online course material from Simplilearn and PMBOK. I will be finishing one read of Rita's and a couple of full length test too.

Apart from those, are there any tips that I need to follow for last min prep? I took the full length test from Simplilearn today and scored just 64%. Some o fthe questions from Simplilean mock test seemed not to be aligned with PMBOK. Any inputs about Simplilean mock test standards.




Is the SimpleLearn test you are talking about free? If yes then I want to try it. My exam is on 27th August and so far I have given HeadFirst 200 questions, Oliver Lehmann 75 question and Oliver Lehmann 175 questions.

Tomorrow I will try PMPStudy 200 questions mock exam.

 I had registered for an online self study course of Simplilearn. The full length test came with it. I found some of the questions of Simplilearn not aligned with PMBOK. Looked like the questions for PMP and PRINCE were merged. Simlilearn also offers full length tests for a price but I don't find those all that helpful.

All the best for your exam on 27th. Please share the experience after you are done with.

 hi Archana. Considering there is only 10 days, I will suggest after going through rita and pmbok, do try pmstudy and pmp for sure free test.This will tell you if you have gaps in your pmbok study. Also i will suggest you go through rajesh nair notes. you can find it in the comprehensive notes link under pmp material link.You can uncover gaps if any from the notes. Finally keep reviewing pmbok ITTO to ensure you are able to recollect ITTO for each process. It is not necessary you have to get each ITTO accurately, but ensure you dont have major gaps. All the best.                      

 Thank you! I'll try my hands on either pmstudy or rajesh nair in case I don't have time for both. As for ITTOs, do we really have to memorize all of them? I can only grossly remember the ITTOs for each process. Maybe, I should do another round of studying there.

 No you dont have to memorize at all. But you need to know which ITTO are unique for some processes and which ones are common for some processes. For example you need to know quality audit is a tt for qa process. Also do you know which process has product analysis as tt ?. So try to go through the complete ITTO few times till you understand why the ITTO fits into a specific process and no where else. If you understand the real purpose of a process then you can recollect most of the ITTO and that should be sufficient. I recommended pmstudy because it closely resembles the real exam. 

 I find it easier to remember the ITTOs process group-wise as against knowledge area -wise. They seem to flow in and out of one another. Like you've suggested, I'll make sure to take pmstudy test and get the real feel of the exam.

I agree with Srikant, please take Pmp for sure and Pmstudy test to judge your preparations. They have very close PMP type questions as per my experience too. Pmp for sure stands little tough so getting around 65% to 70% should be ok and for Pmstudy you can check for around 75%.

As the God father here i.e. Saket Sir has already said, make sure you take a look at PMBOK important IITO pages and its summery pages as you will see many PMP question from these sections.

All the best.

Sudanshu, PMP

Here is what I am going to do. Glance through the ITTO and summary pages everyday for a couple of minutes apart from reading other material. And try at least one full length test from pmstudy. I'll share my score from pmstudy after I am through it and use that to base my preparation for the days left. Thanks for the tip. As of now, any help is huge help to me.

Nice to see you in PMP exam mood. In reality majority of people appearing for the PMP exam are with job, family and kid, so you are no exception. Let’s keep excuses apart for now.

Understand this that PMP exam questions are framed by thousands of people from PMI. When you have question framed from so many people you are bound to see flavors, some tricky questions, some very simple, some confusing, some just one liner, some that makes no sense, some with bad user friendly English (PMBOK extracts) etc. I advice practice mock questions from all trusted vendors so that you get different taste and become used to it.

Honestly Simplilearn is a scoring test and you should expect around 80% that you did not, so I see a scope for about 15% improvement that you can do in these 10 days. Take other tests and see where you find your gaps, try to refer PMBOK for those missing areas.

In these 10 days, keep some dedicated time (say an hour) and look for PMBOK IITO pages and its summery. Keep in mind, around 80% of PMP questions would be directly or indirectly from PMBOK IITO and that what the tip for passing PMP is all about.

All the best.

Saket, PMP

There you are, one more PMP guru stressing on ITTO. I am surely going to take that very seriously from now on. I tried Simplilearn after going through PMBOK and Simplilearn online course. Rita reading is still in progress. I should admit that I was getting tired out after an hour and half and tried to rush to finish the test so that I could see the result. Lack of seriousness there. It means, I should also practise taking full length test, sitting through it for four hours straight. When I try the test from pmstudy, I'll do it a lot more carefully. 

Thanks for sharing.