Taking PMP After 31 Aug, Need Help in study material

HI Guys,


I'm planning to take PMP in OCT 15 2011, I am still studying with Rita 6th edition and PMBOK 4th edition.


I need help in study material, any one has bought Rita 7th edition? Is there a huge difference between 6th and 7th edition?


Can someone help me please.

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Call RMC for details, they would probably give you a true view of differences.

Hi Friend – I did give the PMP last week with new pattern. I am not sure why people are so curious to know what exam pattern has changed. Has PMP syllabus changed? The answer is NO, so does it matter if the language in which the question is asked changes?

Honestly, I did not noticed even 1% anything otherwise than what I read using PMP book. I did not even think to pay heavy prices and get poor quality questions from various websites. I do not like wasting time in reading individual made questions and answers. All I did was, read Rita Mulchay book (6th edition) once and 2 times the PMP 4th edition. Nothing else.

It takes just 10 minutes to understand a 20 lines paragraph but it might take 10 hours to go through permutation and combination of questions that can be made with these 20 lines.

I request you, do not fall in trap of reading question and answers and do not even think and waste time in this direction. Just read the PMP book and confidently go and give exam. You will find nothing has changed.


I need feedback on how to fill the Experience hours in new PMP application form as after 31st August, the form has been changed and the tips to write experience summary so that the application will not be rejected.

Can anyone send me the new project hour template sheet which when submitted was approved after 31st August?

I am intended to take exam on October and would need help from everyone who has passed the exam after 31st August.


Please send the info on new project template experience hour’s sheet.


Did you study from 6th edition or 7th edition? did you recieve your score yet? If I understand the only difference is that RDS questions will be integration with all processes rather than different, did you study from 6th and was able to answer the questions with ease?



It does not matter whether you read RMC 6th or 7th edition. PMP is a very professionally made exam; RMC cannot help you in providing such questions high quality real life questions. There are just 3 parameters to answers the exam questions:

  1. Reading and understanding PMP book 4th edition

  2. Real life experience of Project Management (RMC book try to explain this)

  3. Common Sense

I give no place for sample question available on various website, they would just waste your time.


The question that you will see in PMP exam will be more on Project. It does not matter whether you know Integration Management or Human Resource Management.


Please do not get misguided by people doing business by giving you PMP questions and new version books. PMP syllabus has not changed so it does not matter if a question is asked on the same material but with a different language.


I would just advice you, concentrate on the 3 aspects I mentioned, be confident and give the exam.


Thanks. I was a about to delay my exams due to confusion regarding this new pattern and all. Nice to know that there is no much change as such. 

I have bought 7th Edition of Rita and have just gone through the earlier edition (just a glimpse of all chapters). I do not think there is any major change in the book. I have scheduled my exam in October 2011 and have postponed mine twice. As suggested by most of the folks,  just concentrating on PMBOK4 and Rita. Planning to purchase PMZILLA 200 questions set. Any other advice, you are welcome. Wish me luck and best of luck to you as well.

All the Best to you. 

 I just received my Rita 6.0 and going to start studying on Saturday.