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Hi all,

       I am Btech Chemical Engineer having 4 years of experience.Following are my questions regarding  eligibility criterion to be a member of  PMI.

(1) These 4 years include a training period of one year.Is this allowable?
(2) In this 1st year of training,i was not in project department i was in plant as a chemical engineer.Is this allowable to get selected?
(3) As far as 35 hrs of PM education is concerned,i am MS Project certified from CADD centre one of the renowned REP.If i go further for another PM tool like PRIMAVERA P6 from same REP,would these 2 certifications on PM tools satisfy the needs of 35 PM prior study hours require  befor joining PMI or i should compulsory go for PMI chapters?

(4) In standards it is written that one should have PM experience of 3 years,but i have been working as a project engineer through 3 years having little bit exp in preparing S-curves /MS Proj.Majority work i have done related to Engineering,Would i be considered for PMI member in audit process or my experience is less to have PMP.

Kindly guide me.Your valuable suggestions are welcomed.


1. No, training period is not counted in the PDU
2. Yes, working on a project department or working as a project manager is not really needed. You have worked in engineering i.e. execution phase, it would count. Keep in mind, in any industry you work, you indirectly work in project and that’s what PMI expects.
3. Yes, any PDU earned is applicable for lifetime, PMI does not document any expiry period of achieved PDU. The only thing is you cannot re-use any used PDU. (i.e. the one you have already showed to PMI)
4. NO – You don’t necessarily need to be a project manager, all you need is work experience in project phases. You put majority time in Execution and Monitoring & Control (Engineering).

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Ok,if i have to go for 35 PM contact hours how i can approach to any PMI chapter?i am from Ahmedabd,Gujarat ,india.Does gujarat is having any PMI chapter?what is its registration or enrollemnt fees and all details?
    In this august '12 i am going to complete 3 years in project i.e 36 months,so i am planning to do application to PMI on Sept '12 before that i have to complete this 35 hours of PM  eduction from any of the PMI chapter am i right??Kindly guide me.I am planning for exam in Jan-Feb of 2013,is my planning good enough according to you?

You are staying in one of the best metro city of India i.e. Ahmedabd. Since your target is to get 35 hours PDU, go for the one which has least cost and is an REP (Registered Education Provider). Just search on google, I am sure all major players in India conducts PMP workshop in Ahmedabd. Don’t go by their institute name, what matters more is the instructor. Just make sure you check these:
1. Ask for instructor profile through email
2. Make sure its PMI REP (Registered Education Provider)
3. Choose the one that suits your date and go with the one with least cost
4. You should get 35 PDU with class room training between INR 8,000 to 15,000.
All these you can enquire though email that’s available in their website for contact.

About dates…
Why wait so long? You will have 3 years of PM experience in August, then why not target PMP around Sep? Go by this plan.
1. Plan the PMP workshop in May/June, but make sure you read either Rita or Kim book once before attending the workhop, even if you understand 10% of it, it would add lots of value during the workshop.
2. June to August is more and enough to prepare. (3 months)
3. Once you cross August, sit for a day, become PMI member and fill the application online. It will get approved in a week time and then schedule your exam ASAP. Audit only happens once you pay the exam free and audit is on random basis just for 10% of people. All these queries would be resolved once you attend the PMP workshop, so don’t worry for these queries now.
You can easily do PMP by September 2012 if you want.

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(1) Is it mendatory to go with this 35 hrs of classroom training.What if i have done 2 certifications from REP regarding PM tools i.e 1 MS Project & 2 Primavera?
(2) Currently i am studyng PMBOOK 4th Edition,let me know pls if there is any change going to be in PMBOOK revision in nearest future then i will schedule exam accordingly.

1. If you have any PDU that you have obtained from PMI REP’s on Project Management, it’s eligible to be included in the 35 hours of PMP PDU provided you have NOT shown to PMI those PDU so far.
2. PMBOK 4th edition will remain as it is until Feb-2013 (Tentitive), as long as you plan to give PMP exam till Feb-2013 you should use PMBOK 4th edition and similar books based on PMBOK 4th edition.

Saket, PMP

For #2 - you dont have to have been working as a project manager but the new rules state that you must have been "leading and directing the project".

So if you didnt have the title of Project Manager you must have been acting as the project manager.

This is a change from the old rules which stated "leading and directing project tasks". Which many people took to mean that your experience counted if you managed an individual task on a project (eg you were in charge of managing the quality assurance tasks).




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Now ,my quesion is being in engineering position in my organization, i can not lead or direct project work,yes i have sort of exp like monitoring & controlling by using PM tools,like inspection of materials deliverd on site(i.e QA),execution exp etc.So my point is i have such type of exp in which i am guided by my superiors to do project related work instead i am not directly "leading & directing Project related tasks" as mentioned by you.Would this be considered by PMI as i am right now an active team member only?

 My another question is what type of proofs/documents we have to submit to PMI along with application form?Kindly guide me

Thanks & Regards
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