Suggestion Please.

I have my exam scheduled in 2 weeks and so far I have been scoring consistently 70% or above in all the exams like Scordo, Rita exercise,PMSTUDY Free 200, PassionatePMP Free200, Oliver Lehman(70% in 175 and 73% in 75), scribd maths 101 question. Few days back I bought a PMPforSure package, but so far in the first 300 questions I have scored only 63%. Before I started with PMPForsure, I was very confident, but suddenly my confidence level is going down.
Need your suggestion , please help.

 I think there's a very good chance you would pass if you took the test right now. I only scored 50% on Lehmann a few days before the exam but filled in the gaps in my knowledge base to better prepare. 

Thanks for the encouragement. I will continue finding the gaps for the next two weeks. Any last minute suggestion for me ?

 If you have an iPhone or iPad then download the ITTO game! It's great! I only played it a few times and it helped me tremendously!

Thanks. I will try.

Go ahead.

Moving in right direction. Try Mock exams as much as u can,

add one more feather in cap after ur emirates group.


Thanks for your advice.  In the PMBOK, how much do I need to read from the Appendix ?  I have not started reading the Appendix, but planning to do that soon. (I read RITA twice and PMBOK chapters once, and skimmed through PMBOK many times during mock test answer evaluation).