Successfully passed PMP with MP, P, P, MP and MP

Successfully passed PMP with MP, P, P, MP and MP ( 30th July )

I would like to thank my wife -> for sacrificing her weekends for me J. My peers for helping me sail smoothly through Audit process and friends for helping in preparation.

Knowledge woods (especially Nitin) for sharing his real- life experiences which gave a lot of motivation.

PMZILLA for all the guidance , LLS and fantastic repository.

ROFA, RAGA, ABHISHEK Nair and ITTO Mneunomics for the wonderful notes

CN Patil for providing the printable version of Abhishek’s notes

I followed only Rita 7th Edition  and all the above mentioned PMZILLA notes .

I would strongly recommend to go through PMBOK as I had a time crunch so didn’t got much time to go through PMBOK. The notes mentioned above cover a good amount of PMBOK , hence I decided to skip PMBOK.

I would strongly recommend memorizing tools from ITTO-> If you can make your own shot forms, and practice those during your preparation time, they will come handy. To be frank I memorized all the tools in last 4 days (made their short forms as per the document given in the PMZILLA repository).

Give a lot of mock exams. There are many free available but still I would recommend go for paid if you have time.

The more mock exams you will give the more keywords and different form of definitions, situations you will come across which will provide a lot of help during the real exam.

I did Fastrack- knowledge area wise (Good qns ) , PMStudy (Good Questions),

Knowledge wood mock exams (average)

On the real exam:

I went to all the security checks. 4 sheets with two pencils were provided.

I started with identifying my name on the screen and then click Next.

After clicking next 15 mins tutorial start. This is the time when you can do your brain dump on the sheets provided.

I started writing all the formulas , contract risk buyer-seller , sigma values , ROM and other estimates. I also dumped all the processes with the tools in the respective knowledge areas (short forms of tools). This helped me in 5-8 qns on exam.

The real exam was tougher then the mock exams. On an average I was able to finish the mock exams in 2 hrs and 30mins to 3 hrs but in the real exam I didn’t took a single break and I was about to finish the exam in 3hrs and 48 mins. The reason was most of the mock didn’t had that many numerical and also the numericals on the real exam were tougher then the one I practiced during mock exams.

For the real exam below are my suggestions:


You should definitely know all the definitions and ITTOs . Better to memorize tools and make their shorts form.


You should definitely practice more and more mock exams , so that you are prepared to solve the situational questions.


Keep practicing the dump sheet occasionally whenever you feel, you are forgetting tools or formulas.


After you finish your books ( Rita, PMBOK etc) and you start with mock exams, in between keep reading the notes from pmzilla repository, don’t keep these for last week.


Keep analyzing all the wrong as well as right questions and make your own repository of points which are twisted on mock exams , this will help you in remembering imp key words and also during the last week of your exam, you will be able to revise most of your mock exams .


Qns in the real exam came on following areas -> 1-2 qns different org( functional , projectized etc) PM belong ( 1 was straight forward, 1 was based on situation which was tough), 3-4 qns for contract types ( situational ), 4-5 ( ITTOs), 15-20 ( numericals),1 question from HR theory only ( situational) many questions came from risk KA and Quality KA. All the remaining questions were situational. I didn’t got any questions on sigma values, ROM estimates, professional-Ethics.

Best Of Luck to all who will be giving the exam.  Do a lot of hard work and get PMP Certified in first shotJ J

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Congratulations on your PMP.