Successfully Passed my PMP (4 Ps and 2 MPs)

Since reading through this discussion board helped a lot, I thought I'd share with you my experience.

I decided to take the PMP last March, 1 year ago and I directly purchased Rita's book. Then I decided to purchase a bundle from PMCampus for the 35 Contact Hours + 3 Exam simulations. I read rita once, pmbok once and the study materials of the PMCAMPUS course. It took me around 1 month as I was reading around 3 hours/day. I submitted my application and I was accepted but then I had to stop since I was shifting jobs. From time to time, I read a little bit through the book. 

Last week, I decided that I shoud take the exam since the application was appraoching its deadline date and I scheduled the exam. Honestly, I felt that I have the knowledge but i was not confident and I was only reading in the book and then I did the following:

Thursday 7 March:

1- Read Abhiske's version of Rajesh Nair Notes 

Firday 8 March:

1- Performed one of PMCampus' simulation exams and I scored 67%

2- Documented my mistakes and noted the knowledge areas I was having troubles (HR, Procurment) 

3- Took the PMStudy exam (free) and scored 72%

4- Noted the problems (HR, Prorcurement and Quality)

Saturday 9 March:

1- Read the notes again and did some of Rita's Quality, Procurment and HR questions

2- Bought the second exam of PMStudy and I scored 73%.

3- Noted the problems again

Sunday 10 March:

Took the exam and I passed it after 3 long hours with: 3Ps (Intiation) and 2MPs(Monitoring & Controlling, Closing)

The exam was tough but I found it easier than PMStudy's exams. I had lots of Procurment, Risk and HR Questions and a decent amount of questions that needed calculations. 

Lessons Learnt:

- I never moemorized the ITTOs, I just noted some special onces. It is sufficient to understand the flow of information and how all the processes follow each other and integrate together.

- Before going to the exam I felt that I really understood all the concepts but I never achieved a percentage higher than 73% in the simulation exams. Nevertheless, I believe confidence is very important, if you feel confident go and take the exam.

- I don't advise you to register with PMCampus, their tests are really outdated and their course is also outdated . On the other hand, I found PMStudy's exams very similar (although a little bit tougher) to those you will face in the original exam.

- One of the techniques that worked well for me is that  when I was doing simulations exams  I reviewed all the exam questions, not only the ones that were incorrect. I had doubt about many answers reagrding if their were right or wrong, these questions need to be reviewed. I openned a word file and I noted with one sentence things that I felt I need to remember. Typing the information will help you in remembering these notes.


Good Luck




Congrats on ur PMP. Its a very good feeling.

How did u prepare 4 ur mathematical questions?

 Thanks. I actually did not find the mathematical questions hard. In fact, those must be considered as the easy questions in the exam.  I just practiced Rita's exercises . Again I am not a fan of memorizing things, I prefer to understand what each term means. 

congrates on your PMP !




~ Diba

 Congrats Ghaleb!.

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Congratulations Ghaleb and thanks for posting your review on PMCampus.

That's why I always say , one must check the reviews and take the reputed ones.

  Dear Friend,

          Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.