Successful on first try. Self Study - used TSI Online self study

I set a date.

Choose TSI Online self study and free lunch time video lecture series - this was my sole study material.

 Studied 7 days (4 days on Online prep program, 1.5 days on video lunchtime lecture series, and 1.5 days taking practice exams)

Thursday & Friday Online & video series

Saturday Lunch time video series 

Sunday took 100 Question Practice 

Monday 12:30p took 200 Question Practice (did a complete dry run of the test day)  

Tuesday 8am took 50 Question practice

Tuesday Tested 12:30p

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Congratulations !!!. I think you are one of fastest person I know of to have cleared exam in 7 days study time. Great Job. Generally it takes anywhere from 1-2 months for most people. 

Had not heard of many TSI reviews so its good to know that TSI Material helped you.

 Thanks for posting.

No body can clear the exam in 7 days study even Rita!!

for this person I advise him to tell the thruth, this site is serious!!!

It seems that you've missed out on some great training opportunities available to those who want to become PMP's. 

I can personally vouch for 9 people that have taken the Cheetah Learning Bootcamp from start to finish in 4 days of class and the 5th day was actually sitting for the exam. Each of them worked for Verizon and passed with no prior or after study time. Naturally each of them had several years of PM work in order to qualify to sit for the exam and had the required training hours.

I have not done PM work for the past 6 or so years but was a PM from 1997 - 2002, just back then it wasn't that popular to have the PMP credintal, so I hadn't done it. I had the contact hours from a class I took in 1997 with ESI.

I do have a MBA and a M.S. in Information Systems and currently in the middle of my PhD coursework. So, I'm a pretty quick study. 

Here's a list of all the Exam Prep Bootcamps that guarantee passing the PMP exam, all but 1 does it in less than 7 days. here are 2 more that aren't listed that also guarantee passing in less than 7 days and

Each of these training organizations can be found on PMI's website.

None the less, I truly appreciate your passion for the PM field and this website. I'm glad to see this site is serious.

Sorry, my objective was not to harm you neither to say that you were lying!! but I just thought that you were joking!!!

any way congratulations and best chance

Congratulations... excellent dude... very happy to hear it. you efforts are commendable... gr8