Successful on the first try - Learning Experiences

Dear All,

this week I passed the PMP Exam! Cool

As I flipped through all the forums in order to find some tips & tricks before my exam, I now want to post my experiences here:

- I learned 3-4 weeks nearly fulltime

- I used mainly Rita´s PMP Exam Prep (read it 3 times)

- I did a lot of tests on her CD (received about 75-90% there, Super-PMP is nearly the level in the real exam) and both tests on

- I read the PMBOK not completely, only some special topics, but I created a list out of it with Input, Output, T&T, which I tried to understand -> didn´t know it by heart! . This was very helpful.


In the test itself I needed the whole time without a break and I even had no time for review, but of course I selected an answer although I was not sure and marked the questions.


Hope this helps...Good luck!!!

Cheers, Jochen

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Congratulations Jochen. I would say that most people have had similar experience like you. Rita's CD + few online tests are enough. The key point here would be that you did 3-4 weeks full time study. On an average 180 hours of preparation is required, just quoting here to set the right expectations for others.

One key thing while doing PMP is that you must zero down on 1-2 books and 1-2 practice test series. Do not try to do everything. There is a plethora of PMP material available everywhere and its very easy to get overwhelmed.


Hello Everyone,


I passed the PMP exam yesterday and let me tell you many questions were very difficult more difficult than any other questions i did on Rita CD simulation or anywhere and many I didn't even have an idea.  The exam was like no other I've iver done.  On the hand, there were many questions that were also quite simple and the answer was obvious.  Anyway, I either got a set of 200 quite difficult.   Let just say, that you must know your stuff inside and out and be able to distinguish where and when all the Tools & Tech are used and how they are different in many cases.  Many of the correct answers or obvious answers were not even there, sometimes oI had to distinguish between what I thought was a 2nd or 3rd best thing to do.  Boy are they (PMI) nasty.

Don't neglect to study the Professional & Social Responsibilty; its where I actually did the worst.

Good luck to ALL!!