Success ! Lessons Learnt...

Passed the exam (first  attempt)  with 5 proficient and 1 moderately proficient. Very deighted and relieved :)

Haven't got any evidence yet as they could not give me the print out of this summary  :-( due to some technical issues...and the lead time for the actual certificate is 6 weeks! Was hoping to collect the print out as the immediate proof to show to my friends , family!... the reward.... of all the hard work of last 3 months or more...sacrifices...Prometric staff is pretty blunt and they say they cant help. Has anyone faced this issue and has got any suggestions?  I have sent through the email query to PMI though.

Lessons Learnt and summary -

Nothing different for the standard practice

Head First (once),

PMBOK(twice and then highlighted topics),

Rita's (twice and then highlighted topics),

4-5 full length 200 Q exams (within 2-3 weeks before the exam) and was scoring in the range 81-86.5%

and a lot of sample questions...

You need to have a clear study plan and stick to it....Dont under estimate the dedicatation required and the need to continue the momentum... I had to start all over again due to 5-6 weeks of break in between....I studied alone ...

Actual exam - for me the main challenge was to sit and concentrate for 4 hours. Took 2 breaks to freshen myself up a bit. The fact that I couldnt get much sleep last night due to anxiety made it bit more diffcult.

In the end, best result for the hard work :)

I believe, in addition to the successful certfication,  the best outcome is how you start applying better practices at work and become a better Project Manager in the process of preparing for the exam.

Thanks everyone and  good luck!



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Congatulations on your PMP> Thanks for posting your LL here

REgards :)