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Hi All,

Did anyone recently submitted PMP Application form. If so, can you please let us know if it went through or was audited.

Thanks in advance,


 Mine got audited. After sending the required documents it got approved

Mine was not audited. on 5th day of application submission, mail comes from PMI to schedule the exam date


Thanks for the reply. Did you just sent the documents what you submitted online,getting signed or any additional documents.

Thanks in advance.



I sent 

  1.   Education Experience Certificate

   2.   35 hrs Project Management Contact hours certificate 

    3. The Project experience they send us a package (in pdf format), we need to get sign for each project  +  in envelope cover we need to get sign 





Thanks so much for your reply. I am confused with Education Experience Certificate. What is it. Is it Educatoin and Experience certificates ? Please clarify.


Sorry its just education certificate (Diploma / Post gradute ) whatever you have mentioned while filling your application. you dont need to send any experiece certificate. However you have to send the package in pdf format duly signed by whomever you mentioned as the contact person for each project.


Thanks for the information Hema. Can I know how many days it took for PMI to respond after you submitted the application.



Application form took 5 days to get processed

Audit form took 2 days after it reaches.

Thanks for the informaton Hema. Appreciate your time. Just wondering if they reach out to contacts provided in the form within these 5 days or do they as part of audit process. Any idea. Just getting anxious.

Thanks in advance,



 Hi Hema,

could you please send me a test email. My email: prasadbvm at gmail dot com. Thanks.


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