Steps in Closing Process


I am really confused about steps in closing process, could anyone outline it, when is a closing process considered to be complete is it after acceptance of produce or after lessons learnt. Is lessons learnt is the last step for closing process?


The acceptance of the deliverable is done in Verify Scope (output).

In the closing phase you should do the following:

1. Get the formal sing off from customer (you can said it like a formal acceptance of the deliverable)

2. Write the Lessons Learnt

3. Complete the project archives. Project files (It includes information in the project activities, including project scope, cost, time, risk and change management.). Project closure documentation (if project is cancelled before time)

4. Release the team.

Item 2,3 are OPAs. (Organizational Process Assets). Some authors manage the project files different than the project archives.

In Ritta's is that last thing to be done is release the team, but before you should complete the project archives.


A project is considered closed, when

 A)    Clients accept the product

B)     Lesson learned are completed

C)    Archives are completed

D)    Contract is finished

The correct answer is C. All the project documentation goes into the archives. Therefore, it must be completed. The archive is the last thing to create before releasing the team.


Hope it's help and not confuse you



Atleast 9% questions in the PMP Exam come from the Closing Process Group. Therefore, it is important to know the differencnes between contract closure and Administrative closure.  I read the posts on PMZilla, and also found the tips at PMChamp to be quite useful.