Stakeholders Communication Requirements

Here is a weird question i found online - 

Where can you find Stakeholders Communication Requirements - 

1) Stakeholder Register

2) Stakeholder Manaagement Plan

3) Communication Management Plan

4) Project Management Plan

How to answer it ?

The register talks about stakeholders requirements and some of those requirements may be communication related.

The Stakeholder Mgmt Plan talks about the communication requirements.

The Communication Management Plan talks about the communication requirements.

The Project Management plan has both the plans in it.

So, what is the correct answer ?





@ Admin,

The link given by you does not solve the problem. 

The link says to look into page 403 of PMBOK.

Page 403 - Stakeholder Management Plan - 4th Bullet Point - "Stakeholder communication requirements for the current project phase."

Now, please check - 

Page 296 - Communication Management Plan - 1st Bullet Point - "Stakeholder communication requirements"

But both the above mentioned plans talk about the 'Stakeholder Communication Requirements'. 

So, what is the answer ? 


Its always Stakeholders Management Plan.


Actually, Finding stakeholders all over  all the  process groups in the project.  When found stakeholders, the PM updates the register with what they require(this register only for PM unless shares).  According to this information the PM updates the SM Plan and theier required communications.  whats the page 403 stating.