Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder Analysis Matrix


thank you your kind help with my previous questions.

This term caught my attention while doing some mock exams: Stakeholder Analysis Matrix.

I was reading about the Stakeholder Management Strategy in PMBOK but missing this specific SA Matrix.

Based on what I see in PMBOK, to me SA Matrix seems like an extension of Stakeholder Register with one additional field which is "Potential Strategies for Gaining Support or Reducing Obstacles". 

So, in Stakeholder Register we have three key fields:
Stakeholder Identification,
Stakeholder Assessment (Impact, Power, Interest, Urgency, Legitimacy)
Stakeholder Classification 

And in Stakeholder Analysis Matrix we have the same three fields and one more field for Strategies.

Could you please advise if my understanding is correct?
Maybe, I am missing something which exists in Stakeholder Register but does not exist in SA Matrix???


Thank you :)

Col no 3 of matrix and point numcer 3 of register is different.

See PMBOK 5 have changed this body of knowledge. This repetation now has been removed. ( but not relevant till 30th july13.)

Dear sspawar,

I did not understand your explanation. Could you please explain in detail.? Thank you for your help in advance.

actually, I was replying to originator.

he is telling - all 3 points  of SR and 1st 3 columns of SAM are same.

and I replied over that - No, only 1st 2points and 1st 2 columns are similar. 3point and 3rd column are different.

in pmbok 5 , Stakeholder management strategy and Stakeholder Analysis Matrix  has completely been removed -- but if you are sitting in exam before of 31st july , 13, then this line (pmbok 5)  is irrelevant.