Social and professional responsibilty ?????

i saw that many people do badly in the social and professional responsibilty section of the Pmp exam ,whats the best way to prepare for such questions?

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The best way in my opinion is to refer to Rajesh Nair;s notes, he has compiled very well from all sources. Then answer some quesitons from Rita's book and few other sources and you should have got it covered.

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Key is to understand the concept-

Honesty is the best policy.(it is very difficult to take this stand while answering questions. Sometimes your own thinking will defy this logic and will try to answer thinking project success all the time)

It is not always the project success , sometime it is the peson's /affected stakeholder's interest which takes precedence.


I think another good reference would be Vijay Verma's book Vol 1 Organizing Projects For Success which is an excellent book for all practicing project managers. Infact there are 3 volumes that will add lot of knowledge but from PSR perspective for the examination i believe vol 1 is enough reference. However, the book is available on 24x7 ebooks reference in pmi website free for all members.

Well, I think it takes good experience to see this through. The exam questions are not that complicated. - Green Water Technologies