Should a PMP Volunteer?

I [33M] currently have an entry level desk job at a top 20 tech company and was wondering if I should volunteer as a PMP. I have tons of previous PM experience from my previous career, but didn't have my PMP and never finished my college degree so I decided to go back to college and work on finishing my degree. During my time at my new job, I decided to enroll and work towards becoming an official PMP and am preparing to take the test soon. I was wondering if once I have my PMP I should stay at my current job and try to volunteer and gain experience as a PM or look for other paid opportunities once I have that PMP designation.

Does anyone have any advice, suggestions, or personal experience?


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Your career decisions will depend on your personal preference. I can only say that after PMP you will get more opportunities. So plan to complete your PMP first and it will overall help you in your career


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