Should I wait to sign up for prep classes for 6th edition release?

I have read about changes coming with the 6th edition.  If I start a prep class now will it pertain to the 5th edition or will it cover the changes.  I don't want to finish and all of the sudden it changes. 

Should I wait or should I go fo it? Your fear and confusion is understandable. It happens everytime PMI releases new PMBOK Guide or updates the PMP exam. 

As per PMI, PMBOK 6th Edition will be released in the 3rd Quarter of 2017 and the new PMP exam based on the 6th Edition is likely to start from the 1st Quarter of 2018. Training companies will update their material by end of this year. So to keep it simple, if you are planning to take the new PMP exam after Jan 2018, you can wait till new prep course is available. Personally I feel you should go for it before the new changes impact the PMP exam. There is no point waiting for several months to take the new exam. You can anyway read the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition later and update your knowledge.

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my plan is to take exam on Aug. what should i do first. my idea is to take membership on may and register exam in june. need your recommendations

Unless something very urgent is stopping you, there is no point waiting till May to start the process. Considering you have the necessary work experience to apply for PMP exam, I would suggest to take PMI membership right away. That will enable you to get instant access to a soft copy of the PMBOK Guide. Next step is to start reading PMBOK Guide. Meanwhile you have to gather the information you need to apply for the PMP exam i.e. documenting your PM experience and collecting requisite contact hours. There are tools available which help you calculate work experience hours required for PMP exam and help you sort out and document your PM experience. Enroll into a PMP exam prep course which prepares you for the exam and also provides the necessary 35 contact hours required to apply for the PMP exam. Once you sort out your experience and gather the requisite Contact Hours, you should start fillling out the online PMP exam application. You will get 90 days to complete the application during which you will get regular reminders from PMI to complete the application. If you have recorded the necessary details already in previous step, you can finish the exam application quickly. Once submitted, PMI will review your application within 5 business days. If PMI approves your application, you can schedule your exam anytime within next one-year window. If your application is selected for random review, you need to provide further information to PMI for review.

Once your application is approved (or you schedule your exam), do another round of focused preparation. Read the PMBOK cover to cover, read Rita’s book (not mandatory but advisable). If you have earned the Contact Hours from an online course, go through it again (provided you still have access to it). If necessary, do a classroom boot-camp or live-virtual course. Don’t forget to do lots of mock/simulated tests before the final exam.

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Thank you for your quick reply. i hv started to go through rita and head first concurrently. then ill try to go for real questions.

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Great your are going on right track, But have u completed ur 35 hrs pdu's & PMI application submission ? Becoz it will also take time... Than u can take Jun'17/ Jul 17as ur exam date.

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It is awesome to see more 6th edition PMP simulator. - Marla Ahlgrimm