Second attempt what now?

I attended a course 7 years ago, have been in project management for 10 years, attended a boot camp this past July, read PMBOK5 three times, been studying for 3 months, used Andy Crowe study guide, attended a course this past week, 4 intense days then sat for the exam on the fifth day. During the exam I felt totally unprepared, most of the questions were situational and very wordy. I failed....BP in all areas. I need to take the exam again in 4 days and do not know where to begin. I feel I know the material and have been scoring at least 80-90% on practice exams. I felt I didn't even know the material during the exam.

suggest reading Pmbok5

Read everything about Initiating and Closing process groups. 

I have been studying PMBOK5 for the last 3 months and read it 3 times which is the frustrating part about failing the exam ... really thought I was well prepared. Curious why do you suggest only initiating and closing?

 right, i missed reading from your main post, you already read pmbok5. 

did u do any practice tests ?, and went back to pmbok guide in filling the gaps which u find from practice tests ?. this is very important. 

did u practice situational questions ?, in some practice tests available in online not all having situational questions, as you may have seen in exam or heard from reviews, in exam u will find 2 answers correct always for many questions, and please note you have to select best answer. 

also why i am suggesting to read those 2 groups,  from the reviews what i collected and my experience, answering questions in these 2 groups is easy than other groups, since these 2 have only 4 processes, and they are pretty small compare to other processes in other groups. 

i hope this helps.

Yes did 1000's of questions and practice tests with exam central, Oliver Lehmann, and at the +$3,000 course I took last week we did the PMBOK in total with an exam at the end of each section, a baseline exam each day including a final on the fourth day. I did the exams at the end of each section in Andy Crowe book including the final in there twice.

I felt so stupid. When I had to tell people I failed and below proficient in every area they literally thought I was joking then when they found out I was not they were in just as much shock as me.

I know this stuff. I really do. Can't figure out why I did so poorly.

I felt like I had not even studied in the PMP exam seriously. I am very frazzled.

I have taken practice exams since the PMP exam two days ago and got ranges from 80 to 90. For each test I go back and research each question I got wrong to make sure I understand why I got it wrong.

I am pretty good at knocking out two answers then choosing best of two remaining.

But I am not kidding you, on the PMP exam, I was unable to do that 90 % of the time....very nerve wrecking.

Are you aware of which on - line practice tests have situational questions?

thanks so much for your help.

 try other tests in pmstudy, simplilearn and pmpforsure.

Read Rita and solve her 1500 question.You will sail throught the exam confidently

Hi there, you can try taking the PMP training course from it comes with 100% pass guarantee, and the instructors can go through everything with you before you attend the exam. there's also 2 full length free PMP exams and other study material on their site. Hope this helps! good luck!

Based on what I'm reading here it's likely your problem isn't with comprehension. It could be a variety of things including stress. When you said you have to take it again in 4 days I perceived that something big is tied to the exam. If you had a family emergency around the time of your exam, that can impact your ability to study. Some versions of the exam are extremely hard to pass. So don't beat yourself up.

If indeed you only allowed yourself 4 days between exams, you'll likely experience more difficulty. I strongly encourage my students to wait at least a week between exams to 'get rid of the experience.'

When you retest, assuming you've done all this studying, you'll have a different experience. PMI's website says the exam is about
13% Initiating
25% Planning
30% Executing
25% Monitoring/Controlling
8% Closing

If you focus on Initiating and Closing you won't really help yourself. Focus on knowing the 47 processes well enough to write them in the correct order. And know 'what to do next...'

Lastly, be SURE you're studying materials from the 5th Edition, but don't bother reading it again. It's a user manual - use it for research as needed.

Provide your email address to PMI so that they can send you the PMP certificate without the exam, as Over Qualified, Just kidding, that would be wonderful isn't?

You need to work on stress management Knowledge Area

best wishes, please keep us posted with your results


Was the name of your boot camp company Intense Training?
I just had to ask because you mentioned 4 intense days of PMP bootcamp as they advertise on their website. On 5th day you take the exam..

I have yet to finalize a boot camp and I heard of this Intense School; renamed to Infosec Institute.

Just wanted to know if this is the one you attended, what do you think of their training curriculum.

Has anybody had any experience with them? I couldn't find many reviews of them online..

Your exam schedule looks aggressive. hmm!!

I feel, disheartened to hear your story and the effort you made. At the same time, I wonder, how Mr. Kulkarni, with just 2 weeks preparation using "Head First PMP", could crack it. I cant figure out any pattern in it.

If I have to do it in my way, I would prefer, few mock tests, with suggestions to find out weak spots/gaps and comprehend the situations/scenarios described etc.

A short term prescription could be, to focus on Rajesh Nair notes, or look for Head First PMP etc(High Risk plan as somebody suggested :) ). But, as a long term prescription, I would rather prefer, PMP fighters method, like going through RITA and RITAs FAST track etc. There are other ways suggested by various, successful candidates here, to look into and adapt, probably, you may not have time now. You are at the right door, to get motivated for your next attempt. Wish you good luck.