SCRUM Vs Waterfall


I have gone thru substantial theoretical material on SCRUM.

I am a seasoned waterfall PM. Seasoned means I have successfully managed multiple projects/programs with 5M+ budget.

I have the following questions - 

(1) What are the top 3 responsibilities of a SCRUM Project manager that are NOT his responsibilities in Waterfall ?

(2) What are the top 3 deliverables a SCRUM Project Manager produces that he will NOT product if the project was following Waterfall ?

(3) What are the top 3 decisions a SCRUM Project Manager will have to make which he will NOT make if the project was following waterfall ?

Top 3 may be a confusing term. But what I mean by that is "most frequent", "most usual", "most likely to have positive impact on the success of the project".



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Scrum Does not have role called Project Manager , it has different approach for doing projects. Here are some videos from my Certified ScrumMaster classes you may find them useful.

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WF assumes the Project Manager should plan the work.
Scrum assumes it is best if the Team plans its own work and re-plans.
WF puts most responsibility on the PM.
Scrum puts most responsibility on the small dedicated Team.
(WF uses a diffuse work group, with only the PM with clear overall responsibility.)

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