Scored 63% in Oliver lehman 175 practice test


This is the only practive test I have given since the day I have started preparing. Is 110/175 is good considering Lehmann 175 is tough ? I was targetting to score 75%. My confidence has gone down after this practice test.

Please suggest. I am planning to mark the date next month. 




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Hi, I am not sure if you have read the LL and other posts on PMZilla, Try to read those. There are many other tests which you can take for free to do a benchmark of your PMP preparations. link has a collection 

Apart from that you will have questions at the end of each chapter in the book you are using for preparation. 

Oliver questions are good practice, but they are not like PMP real questions. If you want to excel further try to buy PMZilla Questions.

Thank you. Those links will be very helpful.

Are there any full 200 set mock tests ? So that I can test my endurance to sit for 4 hours.

So far my scores are -


Lehmann 175 (19th july) --  62.8 %

Lehmann 75( 25th July) - 68 %

Rita's PM Fastrack (26th July)  --  79.5 %

How am I doing ? are these good enough scores ?

My exam is scheduled on 1st Sept



Thanks in advance,





Hi Ashwin,

The scores you mentioned are low for Lehmann. Can't comment on Rita FT.

Noticed your exam scheduled on 01-Sep, which is long time from now.
If you are in intial stage of your study, scores are OK.

Would suggest going through PMBOK depending on how fast you can understand each sentence.

02 rounds of it, and your score will increase by at least 15%.


There are many 200Qs set available, do a internet search. Try those, if possible during the time your exam is scheduled.  Hope this helps.



Hi Ashwin,

Lehmann is generally on the tougher side. However, find out what kind of questions you are having issues with. Here is couple of suggestions for you:

1. For full test - try PMStudy free exam. They also give you a second one if you refer a couple of people (of course they have to create a login) to PMStudy. 

2. If you are a member of PMI already - try Christopher Scordo's 18-set questions. These were very nice. They test more on "What should be done next" or other types of situational questions. They have 50 questions each. 

3. Have you see the list of free ones that Lehman has in a table? Go to the bottom of following page which has the table:

The ones that I finished are PMStudy, OSP International, PreparePM, Project Management Academy (Hard), SimpliLearn and Christopher Scordo. I have to admit - there might be grammatical errors or very light question errors that you may find. However, their benefits outweigh these big time.

As far any test is concerned, try to bring your percentage up to closer to 80+. Seeing your scores above, it feels like you had the 60s only on Lehmann's tests. Just keep focusing on gap closing topics than reading everything.


Hi Ashwin,

I would like to share Free Resources for PMP Preparation link here, You can found Practice Questions, Toolkit, Flash Cards and Mock Test also. All these resources are free and downlodable aslo. Hope they will help you in your preparation.

All the best for your PMP.

Hello I am preparing for PMP exam and I need a Study partner. I have found StudyPal a great platform where we can share notes and fix schedules to study . It is a free resource and highly user friendly . besides this there are StudyGurus who have cleared the exam and can guide us well in prrparation . Most of my friends are using it and they speak highly of it. Join me today on Studypal. Best Wishes.

Thanks everyone for your valuable suggestions - 


So far my scores are - 

Lehmann 175 (19th july) --  62.8 %

Lehmann 75( 25th July) - 68 %

Rita's PM Fastrack 1 --  79.5 %

Rita's PM Fastrack 2 --  81 %

Rita's PM Fastrack 3 --  76 %

Rita's PM Fastrack 4 --  83.5%

I found my week area as the "control changes" related questions.

Is there any important notes only on control changes for a focussed reference ?

Though I am scoring close to 80% in PM fast track, I am worried because around 40 questions were found repeated in every set.  Are my scores good ?  

As the questions are now repeating, after attempting Super PMP, I will not be touching PM fastrack any more. Can you suggest me few full 200 Q set mock test which are close to main PMP